Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits - Celebrity Obessions and Hospital Corners

The world has ended.  Nick Lachey is engaged and soon to be married.  I'm having a pity party on Saturday night at 5:30 if anyone wants to come.

Now that I'm working 70+ hours a week, I finally broke down and hired a cleaning lady to come in every other week and spruce up the Sinful household.  It was getting mangy.  I'm a control freak by nature, but I soon realized I was spending my minute amount of free time cleaning. The Husband is a slob and I cannot follow him around with a dust buster.  I have my sanity to think of.  I love this women to pieces and she does a great job.  During the initial walk around, I told her she didn't have to change the sheets or do any of those "maid" type things.  Just clean. I'm not entirely helpless.  I just can't clean toilets and scrub floors during my precious 2-3 hours off a month.  After a few weeks, I came to realize she was re-making our bed.  She's obsessed. I make the bed every morning and I think its good enough.  Nope.  Not for her.  She remakes the entire things, with hospital corners and everything.  I love her for doing it, but it gives me the creepies thinking about it.  She doesn't know what happened in that bed the night before or even that morning.  The poor woman.

Jessica Simpson is engaged too.  She's not going to let Nick upstage her.  Sure, she's only been dating the guy for 7 months.  She's right to grab him now and have a quicky wedding before he realizes what a psycho she is.  I give it less than a year.  Who's with me?

Many thanks to Firecrotch for her thoughtful voicemail.  Remember I called her after my stalking episode?  She called me back and told me only an abnormal person wouldn't have stalked her lovers ex-girlfriend.  We are the normal ones.  Love you, girl! Thank you for understanding and loving me despite my flaws.

Jennifer Aniston was put on this earth to make women feel bad about themselves. Everytime I see her I want to gorge on Cheetos then throw myself off the nearest tall building.

Does anyone really care the McRib has returned to McDonalds?  I was reading this article the other day and even the author refers to it as "mysterious".  Mysterious indeed.  Mysterious meat.

Later lovers.

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  1. McRib. EW.

    My high-school used to have McRib-esque sandwiches every Wed. And every Wed. I'd brown-bag it.

    And I agree with Firecrotch. Totally normal.