Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Will Never Have The Right Curves

I like bread.  Let me rephrase that.  I LOVE bread.  Crispy, chewing, savoury bread.  I like to dip it, dredge it, toast it, butter it, and fill it with french onion soup.  I feel sexy when I have my hands kneading a pillowy soft mountain of dough.  I feel comfort when I pull a loaf out of the oven and it perfumes the air with soft, homey fragrances.  What does bread have to do with curves?  Well, just about everything.

I read every magazine having to do with cooking or fitness. (I read People too. I'm just not ready to admit it in public).  My cooking magazines are lined up in pretty boxes, by date of course, on the top shelf of the desk in my home office.  I refer to them constantly for recipes or ideas.  My fitness magazines get recycled at the local magazine swap after I've combed thru them.  I tear out articles to follow up on exercise ideas.  These pages are currently in a dusty pile on my desk. I'll get to them, I swear.  I just have to finish the latest article on pumpkin bread with caramel frosting in Fine Cooking.  The fitness magazines inspire me. They make me want to run 15 miles a day and go to yoga.  Most of them have pictures of healthy, strong women.  Except for this:
"Do you want Rachel Bilson's curves it says".  Sure.  Where are they?  The only curve I see is her boob.  Everything else is stick like and pointy. Are those the curves you are talking about?  No thankyouverymuch.

I know Rachel Bilson is not a  model.  But she could be.  I'm not jealous.  I feel sorry for her.  I feel sorry for those women who think she is the idea of "Women's Health".  She looks like a bobble head doll. ( I know this is an old addition of WH but I'm catching up on my reading now that I'm unemployed)  I get that every women has a specific body type.  Some people will never have voluptuous curves like my gorgeous friend Sully who has breasts to DIE for! Some people will never have a willowy figure like my friend Bonnie.  It will never, ever happen. Their bodies aren't made to be the opposite of what they are.  So what do my beloved girls do about it?  They embrace themselves and pull out the sexy.

I recently had a conversation with my guy BFF.  We were talking about sex, (I know. You're shocked) My BFF looked at me and said quite simply, "All of these women think they need to slim down to nothing.  It's like bouncing on a pile of sticks.  I feel like I'm going to break them."  I nodded sympathetically while I munched on a plate of chili fries.  "Finally, I was with this girl who took care of herself and had a little something extra.  It was amazing."

Straight from a guys mouth.  Made me feel good.  Granted society is not adopted that option quite yet, but I'm a believer.  Just the other day someone told me smaller boobs were coming back in style.  I'm planning a parade if that happens and I will be topless.  But, I digress.

Stop killing yourself to look like the curves you think you should have.  Be healthy.  Be strong.  Be sexy. Be yourself.  Have some bread.  It looks good on you.

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  1. You go!!!

    I use to have body issues. Now? Not so much. I am what I am. Not overweight because that would be bad and not underweight because that is just as bad. I'm 53 years old. I've had 2 children that I breastfed until they were over a year. My boobs aren't what the use to be...I got over it. I never had a butt...I got over it. It is what it is. I'm pretty happy about my body the way it is. And, so is my husband of 30 years.