Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When Things Get Boring In Bed...

This year has been a real doozy and I've gotta say, TH and I haven't been our crazy wild selves this past month. We're still gettin' it done, but the wild monkey sex has been replaced by sweet, loving-I'm-so-tired-can-we-just-spoon-and-you-can-wiggle-your-ass-a-bit. I'm not complaining. I'm EXHAUSTED. So is Big K. We're both busy, the holidays make things nuts and there always seems to be someone at our house.

I was doing a little research to see if I could spice things up. Nothing to strenuous. Just something new.
What do you think TH would go for a game of Sheet Twister?


  1. That's a great idea! And it looks so sweet on a bed.

  2. For you young'ins that would be a whole lot of fun but us old people would probably break something.

  3. I LOVE playing Twister, beat everyone, including my gumby nephew. The husband is about the least flexible person on the planet. So, even though I like the concept, it just wouldn't work for us. Plus, who the hell has sex in bed anyway?

    Maybe I'll get some just to freak out my mother when she housesits for us...