Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Tuesday

My bank has started this exciting new service. Every day they will send you a text message with your account balance. Just what I need, a daily reminder of how little money I have in there.

There are only 2 ways I can eat lunch at the office: stuff everything in my face within 5 minutes or take 2 hours managing a bite here and there. Both ways suck. The 5 minute plan gives me heartburn or an upset stomach or both. The 2 hour plan entices everyone who walks in my office to exclaim, "You're STILL eating?" I'd give anything for a quiet 15-20 minutes of lunch time. Just me, food and eonline.com.

Dollface and I were in a candle shop on Saturday making up names for all the candles we thought smelled bad. Some of the top winners where "Dirty Old Man" and "Struck Wet Match". I should really go into marketing. I think I have a knack for it.

Sadly, one of our associates died last February. He was a wonderful man and very popular. Unfortunately, many people still don't know he passed away. So, they sent him a Christmas card. (he was Jewish - go figure) I have the glorious task of calling all these people and telling them he died. Just call me Scrooge. I bring you tidings of death and despair.

That's a wrap, lovers. Don't forget to wash where the sun don't shine!


  1. I hate that eat at your desk thing. If I don't get out for a few minutes I go crazy.

    I like you candle scent titles. I think some smell like "wet dog" and "refrigerator science experiment".

  2. I need at least an uninterrupted 15 minutes to eat and regroup.

  3. I think that while you make those calls - you treat yourself to a wonderful cupcake or baked good - I believe that's how he would have wanted it ;-)
    T-Town Girl

  4. Don't you have a door you can slam in their faces and say "yes I'm still eating because assholes like you keep bothering me!"??

  5. Tidings of death and despair. It screams Xmas.

  6. Eek, death informant doesn't sound like much fun.

  7. I definitely don't want my bank balance texted to me on a daily basis. Ugh. Though I suppose there are folks who probably SHOULD!

  8. Ugh! I'm not sure what's worse, calling to inform people that they sent a Christmas card to a dead man or seeing your bank balance every day via text.

    Right now, I'd rather make those calls...