Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RRT - 3 YEARS, New Birth Control and A Random Act Of Kindness

Lately, TH has been making a few noises about wanted kids. Not full blown comments. But, a passing comment here and there. I don't know if he's serious, but it's been freaking me out. After spending Thanksgiving with my nephew, the Tasmanian Devil and my infant niece who screamed bloody murder the entire day, he hasn't breathed a word about it. (I'm not kidding folks. She cried for 7 hours straight) After they'd left, the house was blissfully quiet as he and I sat on the couch and did our own thing. I should have them come over more often. They are the best birth control E-V-E-R!!

I farted in front of TH for the first time last week and he didn't even notice. I'm a little hurt. Was it too much trouble for him to mock me or even act a bit shocked? I know he heard it. And if he didn't, he most definitely smelled it. I deserve to be noticed for my grossness, damn it! It took me 10 1/2 years to do that!

I love all the songs on my iPod. I should. I'm the one who loaded them on there. But, when I use the shuffle mode, I only like 1 out of every 12 songs. I'm guessing it's my mood at the time.

I think Rihanna looks like a rooster now. What's with that hairstyle, girl. Wash that nasty orange color out and stop shaving the sides of your head.

Every day, there is a woman who walks thru the office parking lot wearing a fanny pack. I would like to run outside and tell her the fanny pack fad died many years ago and she looks like an idiot. I'm wondering if she would take my criticism as a random act of kindness or be insulted. Stay tuned.

That's a wrap, lovers. Go forth naked and prosper!


  1. You should watch out. That's how my husband started, and now we have two kids and I love it. You better watch your back.

    I have the same freaky iPod problem. It doesn't make sense.

  2. You know, it's easier to deal with kids while you are still relatively young, if you are planning to have them at all. I keep thinking about having another one, and realize I may not have the energy anymore. Sigh.

  3. Yep, kids can be the best birth control ever. Case in point.....my youngest.

  4. My godparents used to "borrow" my siblings and I for a week or two every summer to remind themselves why they never had children. It worked.


    What can I say? Misery loves company. I mean, uh...kids keep you young, wrinkle free, you don't lose your hair and you get to sleep in ALL THE TIME.

    But seriously, it's great. Most of it anyways.

  6. Yeah I left my 19 year old sister with my two and she's officially sworn not to procreate for a few years yet. Phew!

    And here I thought I was the only that took a looooong ass time (hehehe) to fart in front of the man of the house.