Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts -

I have become obsessed with the show "Ruby" on the Style Network. I spent Saturday night catching up on all the back episodes. If you don't know about Ruby, she's a adorable woman from Savannah, Georgia who used to weigh over 600 lbs. She's on a weight lose mission and has cut herself down to just under 350 lbs with diet and exercise. Will someone please get me a life so I stop watching these stupid shows.

I had an unbelievable orgasm on Friday night. Really. It was at least one of the all time top ten.

On Saturday night, I had dinner with Dollface and my fabulous artist friend Sarah Holl. We ate yummy shrimp, salad and I told them all about my orgasm the night before. What? Isn't that what you talk to your friends about at dinner? If you can't discuss your sex life, what else are you going to talk about. A few weeks ago, we all admitted to each other that we fart. I suggest you have this conversation with your friends as well. You'll be amazed how much closer you'll become.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the orgasm was with my husband! Sorry about that, hun. I wanted to give you credit.

I've recently discovered I love roasted garlic hummus. Unfortunately those around me are suffering the consequences.

Alright, I could have had that orgasm by myself. I'm pretty sure I could.

My boss has joined my gym. This must be step number 8 in his mission to destroy my soul. I realize my gym is utterly fabulous and everyone wants to work out there. But why must he insert himself into the place I go to release all the negative energy. Stay tune for next week. He'll probably buy the house across the street from me and move it. That way he can abuse me on the weekends in person.

Nope, I most definitely need husband for that orgasm. Thank you, babe. You're the best.

I've noticed the word "diddle" is back in style. Ew.

I have spring fever. The temperature is up to 45 degrees and I am inching to go crazy in my yard. Then, I remember I live in Massachusetts. It's probably going to snow a foot tomorrow with a -5 windchill.

That's a wrap lovers.


  1. You better give Big K credit if it was a Top 10.

  2. Ugh, you sound like my wife with the doctor/physical stuff.

    And the orgasm too of course. She's always telling her friends how she almost passed out from my incredible bedroom skills and the earth-rattling pleasure undulations that rack her body whenever I get within 5 feet of her.

    Pretty standard really...

  3. Talk to friends about intimate details of my life? = check.

    Terrified that Partner #3 will decided that Houston is his kind of town? = Yep.