Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Avoiding the 100 Things with Resolutions.

It's my 100th post. YES!! It's about fucking time. I feel like I've been writing forever! My profile has been viewed over 600 times and I have 14 followers. I feel good about that.
In the spirit of the New Year and trying to avoid the "100 Things About Me" that so many of you did for your 100th post, I will offer up my resolutions for the coming New Year. I have a doozy for the first one:

1) I have purchased this book:
I have decided that I'm going to do everything in it. Once a week, I will pick something, do it and then I'll do a blog post on it. I figure it will keep me out of trouble for a few weeks and keep you all amused at the same time. "The Double Daring Book for Girls" is suppose to be out Summer 2009. Let's see if I can make it through this one first. Anyone who wants to join it, let me know!

2.) Obviously, I need to lose some weight/get in shape or Princess HASAY aka Casey will hunt me down and kick my lard ass. So, I will go to the gym at least 5 days a week.

3) I will own a pair of thigh-high boots. Yes, I'm sure I will look like a hooker, but I REALLY want a pair. I will make them classy, I swear.

4) I will clean out my work email inbox everyday. I currently have 438 emails in my inbox, many of them over a year old. They need to be sorted and cataloged. I haven't really gotten to it yet. That might be because I receive 350 more everyday.

5) I will be more touchy-feely with people. As you all know, I'm not a hugger and I hate to be randomly touched. I will try to accept "the hug" more often so I don't seem like a frigid bitch. The holiday season has been tricky. It seems that everyone wants to hug. From now on, I will hug more.

6) I will go to the Museum of Art in Boston for an exhibit. I keep saying I'm gonna go, but I never do. I will go.

7) I will finally order that silly how-to video and find my G-spot. I am the Queen of Naughty, but I have yet to investigate this. Truthfully, I haven't found the need. I'm getting that special toy too. (ya know, 'cause I've just gotta have just one more)

8) I will organize all my mementos/photos into scrapbooks. I have boxes and boxes of shit from the 10 years TH and I have been together; ticket stubs, programs, photo's etc. We've been married for over a year and I still haven't put all my wedding photos into an album. My sister gave me a framed wedding picture for Xmas this year because she is so pissed I haven't done anything yet.

9) I will make TH put a shower door in our master bathroom. We have a beautiful master bathroom that we can't shower in because we STILL haven't installed a shower door. We are currently showering in the guest bathroom and when we have guests, we have to share. It sucks.

10) I will go on a ducktours ride in Boston. According to my mother, I've already done this.....when I was 4 years old. Hmmmmm......I wonder why I can't remember. We have them on the Cape, but Boston would be more fun.

11) I want to climb the Bunker Hill Monument and walk the entire Freedom Trail. Mom says I've done this before too. Still not remembering....

12) I will have more sex. Seriously, I still think I need more. Poor TH.

13) I will design and post to my own website. I own the domain name. WTF! Why haven't I done it yet?

14) I will mock Partner #3 more. I don't do it enough. The man drives me insane and I only get in a few good digs now and then. I think I'll really lay into him this year.

15) I will watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Monty Pythons Holy Grail" and "Casablanca". I've never seen these movies and really should.

16) I will start using eyecream. I'm gonna be 32 years old. I should have started years ago. I do the all over moisturizing, but I need to focus on the eyes.

17) I will send birthday cards out to everyone I know. I always want too, but never actually get them in the mail. I'm more of a call-on-that-day or e-card kinda girl. In fact, I will send out cards for just any old time. I love getting cards so I will send out more.

18) I will lay out my clothes the night before work. I spend 10-15 minutes deciding what to wear each morning. If I laid them out the night before, I wouldn't have to do it.

19) I will clean out the bottom left drawer of my desk. This is my junk drawer. It's where I throw things I don't want to deal with. It's a black hole.

20) I will bring my lunch to work at least 4 days a week. This will help me on the fat ass side of the equation and help pinch pennies as well. You wouldn't believe the money I spend on take out!

21) I will try to break my "work all the time" fetish. Even though I enjoy it and feel that I need to be there, I'm sure there is something better I could be doing with my time. I will stop logging on while I'm at home "just to check my email" or "just to finish one thing"

22) I will remember to put on deodorant BEFORE I leave the house. I dress to the nines everyday, but always forget the deodorant. I have to keep an extra in my car because I always remember on my way to work.

23) I will finally post my photo on this blog. It may take me a month or two. But, I'll come outta the closet soon.

24) I will return personal emails promptly. I get a zillion work emails a day. If someone emails me on one of my personal accounts (I have 3), it might take me a day to get back to them. I feel terrible about this. I know how I would feel if someone did that to me.

25) I will have more fun. I'm always complaining that my life is so boring and I don't do anything. This year...........I will do things! I'm not sure what they will be, but I will do them.

I intend to keep this resolutions this year. 2008 was such a downer. I plan to make 2009 so much better.

Who else has got some?


  1. you know the funny thing is LOL i follow you in google reader ^_^
    but didnt even see the " people who follow me " buttom on the bottom of your page..
    anyway now 15 offically.

  2. blueeyedtawni: Thanks doll! I feel even more loved now!

  3. Is it really time to think about resolutions already? Damn.

    I got my son The Dangerous Book for Boys for Christmas and have had a great time reading it. I'll try to pick up a copy of The Daring Book for Girls and join you. That would be super fun!

  4. So you gave me permission to kick your ass if you don't hit the gym five days a week? Are you sure you want to do that? I'd be ok with you lowering the number to three days... just sayin.

    I hate being hugged/touched too. HATE IT. Being pregnant was the worst, people wanted to touch my stomach but only one or two got away with it, the rest got threatened.

    So we're gonna see a picture? Cool! What's the hold up?

  5. Brooke: I would love for you to join me! There's a lot of weird stuff in there.

    Casey: Yes, you can kick my ass. The fear will drive me! I will post a pic. I've just gotta find one that doesn't make me look weird.

  6. 2003...that's how many emails are in my inbox. Congratulations on you 100th!!!

  7. 2008 sucked for me too. I just hope things don't get worse, but I foresee the future and it is bleak.
    Congrats on 100! I don't think I even noticed mine.

  8. I think we have already talked about this, but it weirds me out when people randomly touch me. I have space issues.

  9. Wow.. I feel you on so many of these issues! Even the 'you did ____ when you were little' things. You have some great resolutions, and nothing too spacey as world peace. Having quit smoking, lost weight, and gone through my divorce my main goal this year is to keep my temper in check. I tend to be one of those people who is like 'ohm... ohm... EXPLODE' lol.

    Btw you should post a picture of the boots when you get them!!

  10. Cameron: You've got me beat!

    Heather: Be postive!!! I NEEDS to be a great year!

    Kat: I wrote a whole post about it one time. Partner #1 is a hugger. I'm sure to get one tomorrow for New Years. I'm gonna suck it up and take it

    Phoenix: I try to make my resolutions attainable. I'm luckey that I don't have a temper problem. Instead, I stew. I'm not sure what's worse!

  11. I think I want in om the daring girl thing. Good luck with the rest of them. I couldn't send out B-day cards to save my life.

    Happy New Year and Happy 100 Posts. It should be a holiday. I just saying....

  12. 19

    That's a great list. Congrats on your 100th.

    Happy New Year.

  13. Umm, if you accomplish finding your G-spot, you won't care much if you don't accomplish the rest!

    A stripper that dated a friend of mine and everyone else, for that matter, taught me that in high school. I can still recite her tutorial verbatim if you need help ;)

  14. congrats on the 100th post. I haven't even reached 20 yet. I have to stop re reading them cos when i do i realize what a douche bag i sound like and have to delete them. sadly i started blogging in November. *sigh*

    i hope you accomplish some of your things :)