Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starting The New Year With A New Addiction

I have discovered Facecrack (aka Facebook). The evil networking website that sucks you into its black hole of neverending status updates and "friending" (BTW Daddyfiles, I friended you).

When I first discovered blogging, I became addicted to checking my comments. Is it that obvious I crave human contact? I didn't have time to constantly log on to Blogger and check my comments (all 1 of them), so I had it forwarded to my email. (I still do). The euphoria I felt (and still do) when I receive comments was beyond words. It was my new natural high. Now that I have discovered Facecrack, I have become addicted to checking my wall and finding out who has "friended" me.

I know that Facecrack has been around for ages, but I purposely steered clear. I know me. Once I find a new site, I play with it for hours. So, I stayed away. Much like I have avoided My Space. But, I had been desperately trying to locate an old friend from high school and all my research search engines/programs were coming up empty. I decided to bite the bullet and log on. I found him in 30 seconds. 2 hours later we had set up a lunch date for Christmas Eve. It was that easy. Soon after that, I had joined a few groups from my high school and "friended" 2 more people that I had missed seeing. I was in heaven and very much enjoying the unattractive photos of the "I too good/popular to talk to you" girls from high school. I'm such a bitch. One of my friends from high school wrote me that I looked fabulous and we should laugh at all the people who "peaked" in high school. Oh, believe me....I'm laughing. I know it's very immature of me....but I'm still laughing.

Then I started getting odd friend requests from people I barely know, kinda know and other people that I really didn't like. I currently have over 30 "friend requests" waiting for my confirmation. I decided to take pity on Partner #1 & Partner #3 and grant their friend requests. I even friended Surfer Dude. He usually posts some embarrassing photos of himself, so that's fun for me. I'm sitting very comfortably with 13 friends. All of them people I know really well and would actually hang out with if given the chance. (Partner #3 would have to pay me, though) Fancy Pants let me on the secret.....the more friends you have, the more popular you seem to everyone else. Whatever. I don't care about being popular. I'm not friending some psycho that I knew in high school just because she wants to be "most popular" with 700 "friends"

And what is it with updating your status every 5 minutes. "I'm pondering"......"Now, I'm done pondering"...."I'm taking a shower"...."I'm done taking a shower". I'm lucky if I can complete the act. How and why would I have the time to tell everyone about it.

I also went against the norm on my photo post. I posted a photo of myself without kids, cars, significant others, sexy poses, alcohol or weird cartoons. I'm such a rebel! I grabbed a head shot from my wedding one year ago. This was out of desperation because that is the last time anyone has taken a picture of me that didn't involve rude hand gestures or inappropriate faces. I hate to have my picture taken. I usually ham it up. A favorite is to stuff balloons up my shirt. My grandmother could build an album with those pictures.

I'm totally addicted. I will need an intervention soon or TH might take away my laptop.


  1. gotta love face book. right now i have so many people signed just for my elven and blood games.. gah those games are soooo addicting and fun :)

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  3. Woah, augus is getting a little frisky in the comments. I have a Facebook acct but rarely check it. You're right though, it IS a popularity contest, I get friend requests from people I don't even remember just because they're trying to up their stats. F them. Step away from Facebook, it's evil!

  4. I'm on Facebook, but only so I can keep family and friends updated with my addresses... Seeing as I move every six months.

    Now I'll have to hunt you down on Facebook.

  5. Blueeyedtawni: So far I haven't checked out the games. Those would be a big problem.

    Augus: Love the photos! But, there might be a language barrier there. I'll check back.

    Casey: Yes, it is evil. Augus is frisky. But, my blog seems to have that effect sometimes.

    Badass: I will be very impressed if you find me. But, I would "friend" you....and you would see what I look like.

  6. Loved the part about "peaked in high school"! So feelin' this post.

  7. I have facecrack, but I only get on it like once a week-ish. I am much more addicted to blogging and my email.

  8. I have facebook, but prefer MySpace. Probably because I'm still a 12 year old at heart. Who knows! I agree those who are trying to collect friends online are rediculous. Who cares?

  9. Augus is all kinds of friendly ;)

    Alas, you're not gonna see me there on facecrack! I can't keep up with the bloggy business and my crackberry obsession, so there's no way.

    Plus, I don't want annoying people from high school trying to be my friend now.

    Happy New year, Darlin'!

  10. cassee01: It is the best revenge on those girls who thought they were "all that"

    Kat: I have a serious problem with blogging. But, it's like having a zillion really interesting friends. I can't stop!!

    Brooke: I've had 4 more requests since yesterday when I wrote this post. I barely know these people!

    Lola: Yes! It appears I have a new fan! I got the Crackberry Storm for Xmas from the Partners. It arrives next week. I'm very afraid!

  11. I was addicted for a while. Now I just use it to drop notes to friends. I check it about once a week. The addiction is curable ;)

  12. I'm on Facebook, but I don't use it for the things other than keeping up with friends and what-not. The games look interesting, but I'd probably get so sucked in...not a good idea.

    I think I found you...if I didn't, someone is scratching their head wondering who the hell is John Wayne...

    By the way, the link is

  13. Heinous: Thank God! I did my best to stay away over the holiday!

    Wayne John: I would be impressed if you found me. Badass did! But, he's sneaky like that and he knows my first name.

    I stay away from the games. Even Solitare can suck me in.

  14. you. should add me.

    and i just realized i haven't checked my facebook yet this morning.

    OH there's this application called Pet Society. and it really is crack.
    So add me, and I will invite you, and you can get a pet and then our pets can be friends.

  15. *hangs head* ... I'm on a full on Facebook kick right now. I even got my totally computer illiterate husband on there and he's glad he signed up.

    Add me ... you can find me from my email addy.