Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I'm gonna copy BadAss and Daddyfiles on this one as I am so exhausted from work that my creative juices aren't flowing as well has they should be. Sure, I have tons of notes, ideas and half finished posts. It's just that when I have a chance to sit down and write (READ: after 11:00 pm), my brain refuses to give up anything witty and dynamic. So, I will be taking this weekend to rev up the old noggin and bust out some excellent junk for y'all.

In return for your patience, I will offer you this: Ask me anything. The floor is open. I know that you must have some perverse, inappropriate question(s) that float around in your head while you read my blog. Seriously, lovers. I will answer the most off the wall question you've got. Ask one question, ask 20. If you're feeling private, email me at instead. All answers will be posted on Monday.


  1. What are your best and worst memories from high school?

  2. I have lots of questions! I want to know what the secret was from your "tattle-tale" post. I am also dying to know what your hold-out in the baby department is. {Now, this isn't because since I recently had a baby I think everyone should have one too (which I do) I was just wondering why you have not taken the 'plunge' yet.} It has also been killing me to know what you do - but I understand not being able to divulge that info on the world wide web. (But I still wonder and make up scenarios in my head- especially when you use phrases like Satan's Workshop ;-)

  3. What is your all-time, favorite, can't live without it toy?

  4. 1) What was your time in the Triathlon?
    2) Fuck, Marry, Kill: You have to pick three of your bloggy Internet friends. One you'd fuck, one you'd marry, and one you'd kill. Give reasons why.
    3) Have you ever had sex in Satan's Workshop?
    4) If a genie grants you one wish but in exchange, you permanently gain 30 lbs, would you do it?

  5. Weirdest place I've had sex: raquetball court. You?

  6. Hi :) First off, I love your blog! Reading new posts is like crack/brain-massage after a long day at work, thanks!!!
    So... If you had all the money in the world, what would you be occupying yourself with right now? And have you ever done something that you truly regret?

  7. Oh, you better pick me to fuck!

    These question posts are killing me. Okay, okay.
    If "The Partners" were the last men on earth, which one would you choose to have sex with?

    How much money would you have to win in the lottery to quit your job?

    Would you rather be rich or have the perfect body?

    Who would be your number one pick to bring in for a threesome other than me, of course?