Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RRT - Donuts, Erectile Dysfunction and a Gay Club Mix

I'm usually a really cheerful person. But, last Friday was just an awful day. I was picking up a sandwich at my usual lunch spot and the woman behind the counter said to me, "Honey, why so sad today. You look like your doggy just died" I look at her and very blandly said, "Yes, she did." Ummmm.....awkward!

Today is our monthly staff meeting and I heard a rumor there will be no donuts served. I've never feel more strongly about quitting my job than right at this very moment. Those donuts are the only vice I have during that never ending meeting.

On Saturday, TH and I went out to our favorite blues club to grab a cheeseburger. It took us a few minutes to realize that we were the only hetrosexual couple in the joint. It took us another few minutes to realize that Melissa Etheridge was in town for a concert that night. (If you've never seen her live, do it! She's amazing!!!)

I love, love, LOVE Paula Dean. I want her to take me home and feed me stuff made of butter. Her warm Southern Accent, her fabulous house on the water and her even more fabulously hot sons (one is still single!!!!!) make her one of my favorite people.

Have you ever noticed how many TV commercials there are for toilet paper, erectile dysfunction medication and herpes medication? We are a very fucked up society. Every time the person on the herpes commercial says, "I have herpes" and the other person says "I don't and we want to keep it that way", I yell at the TV, "Than you should have worn a condom". TH hates watching TV with me sometimes.

Speaking of erectile dysfunction medication. You know when they say, "For an erection lasting longer that 4 hours, seek medical attention." Who the hell would wait that long? Sure, a 4 hour stiffy is great, but if TH had a boner for longer than 3 hours I would be carting him in to the emergency room, stat! His brain needs its blood back.

As soon as I friend someone on Facebook, I go and check out all their photos. I'm such a big snoop! People must be so disappointed if they do the same thing. I've got like 10 photos. I'm very boring that way.

I love internet radio. I recently found a new station on Yahoo called "Gay Club Mix" it is "a dance station that embraces your extraordinary fabulousness". Wouldn't you know it, they play tons of Cher.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments, emails, letters and phone calls about my beloved pooch. I'm still broken hearted, but slowly making it day by day


  1. I think a boner lasting longer than 2 hours would be cause for concern. But that is just me.

  2. If my husband had a hard on for that long, I wouldn't leave him alone. ;)

    I love me some Paula Deen too. I have made my husband sick of her though, watching her so much. She has the best recipe for banana pudding EVER.

  3. Haha! I make those same comments to the TV. I drive people crazy!

  4. I'm still sorry about your dog and I can only tell you that one day, you will feel better.

    That commercial is SO annoying ... "I have herpes" ... "And I don't." If that were my partner, I'd smack him upside the head.

    I went to see Paula Deen a couple of years ago. She IS adorable ... although the laugh is starting to wear a bit thin. My hubby's family is from Georgia - so almost every recipe of hers that I make is met with "Hey ... this is just like my Aunt Vicky's ... or my Mom's ... or Grandmoms."

    I'd be sad if you didn't look at my pictures on Facebook. And I'm kinda pissed that you don't comment on them. I need to be like the 15 year old girls and start type/whining "PC4PC" ... or "Text Meeeeee - I'm bored." LOL!!!

  5. Doesn't everyone check out photos first? It's the only interesting thing, really.

  6. I love me some Paula Dean but I'm here in Georgia and get to enjoy her a lot. Still sending you hugs about your dog.

  7. So is Paula Dean the sausage guy's wife (Jimmy Dean)? She kinda came out of nowhere and is all famous and stuff all of a sudden.

    No donuts at a meeting is definitely cause for a walk out.

  8. My sister actually did the clinical trial for Cialis. According to her, that 4 hour boner is the last one you'll ever have, AGAIN! Something not to be taken lightly.

    You'd hate me. I have no pictures on my facebook page.

    Sending hugs to you.

  9. Could you even walk after four hours with an erection? That's purely rhetorical since you don't have a penis.

  10. Ohhhhh so you're the type of person who looks through all the hundreds of pictures I have up there huh? You'd be delighted with my facebook.

    Hubby says that if he had a boner for more then a couple hours, I would be feigning a headache and running for cover. I guess that's about when he'd head for the porn instead of the hospital.

  11. i love the power i get from rejecting a person's invite to "be facebook friends".