Thursday, October 22, 2009

There Are Days You Just Feel Like Watching Some Gay Porn....

I will admit it right here for all to read. I do watch, I have watched and I will continue to watch gay porn. Not because it's sexually stimulating (okay, if the guys are hot and aren't sashaying around like Richard Simmons, it can be slightly arousing) but because I find it fascinating. I was trying to explain this to my friend Josh. His secret fetish is he finds pregnant women to be incredible hot. This explains the fact that he has 3 children. He's only been married to his wife for few years and she has been pregnant for that entire time. First he knocks up the poor woman, then he wants to pogo stick her.

I've been thinking about fetishes alot. Everybody has one. Even if it's not entirely sexual. It may be the warm gooey feeling you get when you bite into that first slice of cheesecake. I will continue to be amazed you can hit that pleasure center of the brain without actually having an orgasm. Although, nothing can compare to the real thing.

So, I have drafted a list of some fetishes (in no particular order) I thought would fun to share with you things that almost get me off.

*French fries with truffle oil and shaved Parmesan cheese
*Big K in boxer briefs
*The feeling of fresh, clean sheets on a bed
*The first time you put on an amazing pair of shoes and see yourself in the mirror
*Any hot man in boxer briefs
*Warm brie wrapped in puffed pastry
*Eating cold, caramel sauce directly from the jar with a spoon
*Actually liking the porn sent to me via email (usually it's boring)
*The feeling of old, worn in flannel pajamas after a hot shower on a cold day
*Pictures of Vin Diesel on my work computer that I look at when I'm feeling randy.
*A man with super broad shoulders that taper down to a fine ass.
*Feeling TH's butt cheeks when he's sleeping. (He gets annoyed when I do it while he's awake, so I molest him while he's sleeping)
*Having my hair brushed
*Limo rides
*Skinny dipping (I love the way the water"down there").
*Pot roast with mash potatoes
*Gay Porn
*Winning a massive argument.
*Having that back and forth glance with a random hot guy that says "You know if we were both single, we would totally fuck right now."
*Knowing devious information that I shouldn't. I'm a gossip whore.
*Foot massages. (I'm not a big fan of "feet" but sometimes I want to hump the girl who gives me pedicures.)
*Laughing really hard.

This list is incomplete and as soon as I hit "post" I will think of 7 more things. But, this gives you a vague idea of my lust.

So....what turns you on??


  1. Leave out gay porn and Big K and I like them all. Well, except maybe the pot roast also. I'd like to add:
    * deep red wine with a piece of dark chocolate
    * deep tissue massage
    * putting that new baby to your breast for the first time. I still remember that feeling.

  2. Sleeping naked on flannel sheets. Fuck satin or bazzilion count Egyptian cotton, because that shit is just cold. Soft warm flannel or a jersey knit. Mmmmm.

    Plus a whole lot of other stuff.

  3. Yay for gay porn! It's the best! Even though I don't like most hardcore porn these days (gay or straight) because I'm so girly I need a sto-ry and stuff. I'm an oldfashioned porn kind of girl.

    And about half of the above.

    Did you see that post by jothemama the other day?
    - mmm. Yummy.

  4. I can't stand people touching my feet, but a good portion of your list are things I like as well. Question I have the wrong kind of friends? Cos no one sends ME porn by email!!

    Oh. And where do I find truffle oil? I must try that!

  5. I love all your list but not so much into gay porn. I've never seen Big K but I'm sure he's hot so I would look but not touch.

    I love warm gooey chocolate cake and a good martini.

  6. Lately, it's a woman wearing a football jersey and jeans. There's just something about it.

  7. You have no idea how much I love, LOVE, pregnant women. So hot. I have a problem.

    I also love a woman wearing one of my dress shirts, a woman wearing just my Patriots jersey and feet. If a woman has hot feet, I'm all about it!!

  8. You had me at pot roast with smashed!! Thanks for the tingle.

    Oh, and I totally agree with the deep red wine and dark chocolate. Hello!!!!

  9. Scratching and itch (NO really and actual itch) there is nothing like that kind of satisfaction especially those hard to reach ones.
    Back tickles are awesome.
    Secret hidden looks or touches in a huge crowd of people that you know with out them picking up on it
    Ooh and hot women in a white vest blue genes and white socks (Have no clue why???)