Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little More Redneck

I forgot to tell y'all about my fabulous weekend at the New Hampshire International Speedway 2 weeks ago. TH and I packed up the car and drove North for a bit o' Redneck fun.
If you cannot read, the t-shirt says:
Doggystyle Unit

So it's a funny tshirt. Big Whoop. What you can't see is the adorable 4 year old child sitting on this guys lap. I'm all for naughty shirts if the situation calls for it. But, even I have limits. In my opinion, this guys a bit turd. Leave the dirty tshirt back at the frat house, stud.

NASCAR embraces it's sexually confused fans.

This guy spent the entire race on the phone. I don't know how he heard anything. It's fuckin' loud, y'all. Of course, as soon as this chick started flashing her tits, he hung up real quick.
Here's Miss Free Boob getting arrested by the PoPo after flashing her nasty funbags. Why is it that only the fugliest chicks decided they should lift their shirt. The first time was interesting, the second time was nauseating - by the fourth time, everyone was turning their heads away.
Here is the crown jewel:

I know, I're thinking maybe he sat on something. No. I'm not sure if it he sharted or what. But there was definitely something gnarly going on.
I'm sorry I cannot offer up more Redneck sights, but it was an exciting race and I was doing too much yelling and drinking to focus on the buffet of white trash surrounding me. Unlike my glutton filled trip to Bristol, TN, I was kinder to my system and did not ingest mass quantities of lard, suger, grease and corndog. That is a once a year occurrence, lovers. Reserved only for the holiest of races.


  1. There is just no excuse for boob flashing. Ok, well there is, but it is once a year and in New Orleans.

  2. She really got arrested for flashing her boobs? Wow. I'm glad there were no cops around during my drinking years..

  3. That is the exact reason why I am scared to wear khakis. You just never know with farts sometimes.

  4. These are some high class events your going to. My opera evenings can't even compare. LOL!

  5. Lordy...just when I think I've seen all things redneck, you go and post pictures like this. The shart-pants guy is absolutely disgusting. So disgusting that I probably would have said something to him. Girls that flash their boobies and get arrested make me laugh. Idiots.

  6. I'm with Tex! I love to see the flashing idiots get busted. Everyone knows flashing in NH is outlawed.