Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - The Madness Continues

Have you ever looked really closely at your keyboard and mouse only to realize how filthy they both are. The top portion of my mouse wheel has a bunch of crud on it from who knows where. I tipped my keyboard upside down ('cuz I read that's a good way to clean it) and I swear a french fry, a piece of bacon and a bunch of miscellaneous crumbs fell out along with a bunch of other stuff I couldn't identify. I've decided I need to have a brand new keyboard and mouse. I'm too skeeved out by my old ones.

Do not try to snap a CD in half before you throw it away. It may look really cool on TV, but in real life, the thing shatters into a million pieces. I'm still picking them out of my hands.

I decided to "like" Vin Diesel on my Facebook page. (In reality, I routinely lust after this hot hunk of prime man meat) I logged on the other day to see a "message" from him on my wall. For about 13.6 seconds I thought he sent me a message. Then I realized this was part of a message feed from his fan page on Facebook. I spent the next hour flogging myself for actually thinking Vin Diesel would message me. I am a silly, silly girl.

I just saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and I loved it. I was the one who dragged TH to the theater. There is something about those kinds of movies that I love. I can't wait to see G.I. Joe. Of course the fact that Channing Tatum is in the movie doesn't help matters. He's my #2 hot guy after Vin Diesel. I almost cried when he got married last week. Another one bites the dust.

I spent an hour of my life on the "Joy Fit Club" website looking at before/after pictures of really fat people who had lost over 100lbs and reading their stories. I love that shit. I'm so proud of these people it makes me teary eyed.

I don't like Megan Fox because I'm jealous of her. Yes, I realize that it's petty, mean and above all, completely immature. I don't care. She's thin, beautiful, famous and has a perfect rack. I can hate her. It's my right as an American.

Do you ever get mad when you are eating an amazing meal and you're too full to finish it? I stuffed myself with this fabulous sandwich and I was so full, I couldn't finish it. That made me bullshit.

One of the offices in our complex uses a mobile shredding company. Every two weeks, the shredders show up in their ginormous truck and shred bags and bags of documents. Most of the time they park in front of my office window. One of the guys is very cute and I like to watch him haul the heavy bags while I'm eating my lunch. It's great entertainment. For the past couple weeks, they've been parking in the front of the complex and I can't see them from my office. I walked out to run an errand and there was the cute guy. I plastered on my best pout and said "Hey, you guys usually park over by that side. How come you changed? I liked to watch the shredding." He said, "Well, if we park here we don't have to carry the bags as far. But, if you want we can start parking over on your side again". Damn! I've still got it! All it takes is a skirt, heels and a perfectly practiced pout. Resistance is futile!

I don't care what you say, lowfat cottage cheese is gross. I love regular cottage cheese, but that watered crap is like sewage.

Here's this weeks shuffle. I really need to get more tunes on my iPod. It holds something like 1 million songs and I only have 195 on there.

1. Something in your Mouth - Nickleback
2. Her Diamonds - Rob Thomas
3. You'd Better Wait - Steve Perry
4. Faith in The Heartland - Journey
5. Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
6. Strawberry Wine - Pat Benatar
7. New Divide - Linkin Park
8. Erotica - Madonna
9. Master of Puppets - Metellica
10. Break the Ice - Britney Spears (Damn! Almost made it with out embarrassing myself!)

That's a wrap, lovers!


  1. I was laughing with the vision of bacon and fries falling from your keyboard. My keyboard stopped working over the weekend it had so much shit in it. I used that canned blow stuff and that seemed to do the trick.

    Gotta go. You got me thinking about Vin Diesel and now I have an appointment with my detachable shower nozzle.

  2. Megan Fox may be good looking, yes, but her attractiveness goes down exponentially the second she opens her mouth to speak.

  3. mmmmmmm....Vin Diesel. Yummy. Sweetie, those guys in the shredder truck love nothing more than heels and pout routine. Nice work conning them. Britney? What were you thinking?

  4. I hate Megan Fox too. We should start a club.

  5. I cleaned my keyboard and screen yesterday with windex. so NO, mine is perfectly clean!

    lindsay || newyorkwords.net

  6. Well, I used to like Megan Fox, since I'd much rather look at pretty people in movies, but then I saw her on Kimmel. She's incredibly stupid and annoying.

    I had never heard of that Tatum guy, so I checked him out. Very nice!

  7. Huh... I started thinking about that scene in the first Transformers movie when Megan Fox was looking at the car's engine... what were you saying?

  8. If you all do start a Megan Fox hate club, count me in. Oh, and I have seen you, and you blow that straggly bitch out of the water.

  9. Ha, your pouty look still works on shredders, that's impressive.

    Meghan Fox is hot, sorry. I kind of hate her but kind of want to be her so it's a wash.