Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm A Crotch Watcher

"The angle of the dangle is equally proportional to the heat of the meat provided that the urge to surge remains constant."

I don't know who uttered this insanely awesome phrase, but I shall keep it close to my heart always.

Um, Excuse me Mr. Mcconaughey. Your doodle is protruding.

During my daily cruise of I spotted this picture of MM. Usually, he has his shirt off and I'm distracted by his fabulous bod, bizzare man nipples and the fact he runs with a different dog everyday.  But, unable to gaze upon his washboard abs, I spotted his schlong at full mast.  If it is not standing at attention and is instead hanging at ease, then DAMN.  How come no one else noticed this?

I will admit to you all that I am a crotch gazer. Just as guys let their eyes roam from bust to legs, I stick to the part that is at eye level - when I'm sitting at my desk.  Those who enter my office, beware.  Any man who is 5'7" or taller has a crotch directly in my line of sight.  I am not ashamed.  A client may come into my office for a meeting, I'll do a quick peek at the package and he sits down.  Then, as soon as I tip back in my chair, he's staring at my legs.  Remember this guy?  He's still confused.

I will admit I wonder about size, shape, girth, stamina and readiness.  It is only natural.  I'm not curious about every penis that crosses my threshold.  But, I stare at a few.

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  1. Ya mean were supposed to look somewhere else? LOL