Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday - Thanks a Heap

Thank you to LB and his wife who have been "pimpin'" my blog on Facebook.  The naughtiness of that has me in near swoon.

Thank you to Random Guy From Upper Cape for your thoughtful suggestions on woodpecker food to rid my home of the Morning Wood.  It really is a toss up - get rid of woodpecker or continue to watch my husband dance around naked with a just a heavy metal t-shirt and work boots.  Tough decision.

Thank you to MT_2009 (aka Mr. Kitty) for your thoughtful and witty emails.  As promised, if anyone of the Bad Girls become single and serves a terrible sirloin steak, I will send them your way. (This inside joke is my comment to him that if you are served a poorly cooked sirloin steak at a restaurant and you had paid $30 for it, you should get a blow job complete with swallowing.  See what happens when you email me fan letters?)

Thank you Evgeni Plushenko for showing me how a true douchebag acts.  So you didn't win the gold. Maybe next time you'll skate without a grouchy stick shoved up your ass.

Thank you Shaved Head Guy In Yoga Class.  For some reason, you have decided to move from the way way back of the room to the front row - right.next.to.me.  You're not a super sexy guy, but the smell of your cologne, combined with your carnal sounding grunts and glimpses of your muscular thighs had me struggling in my downward dog.  Not only did I cleanse my mind in that class, I added some new material to the spank bank.  Please....Please....PLEASE say in the back row next class.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me from Diamond in The Rough.  It's been a tough transition, but I'm muddling through it.

Thank you Olympics for FINALLY being over.  I haven't been to sleep before midnight in the last 2 weeks.  Why didn't someone tell me I'd be straining to stay awake to watch men in spandex outfits?

That's a wrap, lovers.  Make sure you find me on Facebook.  Not only do you get my blog everyday,  I send love and naughtiness through-out the day.


  1. I've been searching for you to add on FB but it keeps giving me Jesus pages when I type in Utterly Sinful....that is just so wrong. LOL

  2. It was our pleasure to "pimp" you out!! Thanks for the shout out in your blog!!


  3. Yes - our pleasure! You crack me up on a daily basis and I love the blunt honesty and truth to all the naughtiness! LB still says daily that your "voice" is so much like mine (stands to reason seeing how he's been hearing my rather loud, crass one for the past 12 years - ha!). Thanks for the entertainment! If the whole world was this honest it would be a better place!

    Kristy (LB's wife)

  4. Stick with the woodpecker on the roof because in 20 years TH in a heavy metal t-shirt and workboots just won't be the same.