Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Degree From Cake

Everyone has played the game "Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon" I can do it in 2.  I use to have my nails done by a girl who did the nails of a girl who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon.  I've met some famous people.  No one earth shattering.  I once had a conversation at a guitar show with Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) the day after I went to his concert.  And by conversation, I mean, I stood there slackjawed while the husband said hi and discussed the concert with him.  I managed to burp out a word or two.  But, all in all, I was my incredibly uncool self.  I always thought I would act cool and calm if I ran into someone famous.  If the husband hadn't been there, I probably would have asked Tom to sign my bra.

In my line of work, we deal with alot of very well known people, very wealthy people and some regional politicians.  So, there is always someone who knows some guy, who knows another guy who's a rockin' big shot.  Never in my wildest wet dreams did I know I was a degree away from one of my favorite crushes.
Duff!  From Ace of Cakes.

I work with a guy who went to high school with him!!!

After that, I begged my secret Duff friend to give me any information he could.  I got to see high school yearbook photos and hear interesting naughty little tidbits (none which I will share 'cuz I feel oh so special now. But I will give you a hint - "balls"). My secret Duff friend also has a personal email address for him and phone number.  I also know he's not married and he "might" have a girl friend.  I mean, why wouldn't he.  He is Duff.  Awesomely sexy baker dude who has a funny laugh and makes cakes for a living.  Cake!  With  Frosting!  I am one email/phone call away from the man of my dreams.  A man who could cover me in homemade frosting and lick it off.

And then I remembered. I'm married. 

I excitedly told the husband when I got home.  "I know someone one who knows the Ace of Cakes dude!!"  The husband was unimpressed.  We weren't talking about a rock star or a porn star. And he wouldn't be getting any actual cake from this.  He barely acknowledged my excitement with a "Yes, dear."  I failed to mention the fact I was excited because I lusted after this cake God and was having tiny fantasies of him, in his bakery with a piping bag of frosting.

Honey, we will be having cake..... with frosting for dessert tonight.  You have been warned.


  1. Ace of Cakes is the only foodnetwork show that JR doesn't make fun of. He loves Duff almost as much I do.

  2. I wonder if Big K would give you a free pass as long as you brought back a really cool cake...