Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Wednesday - Tuesday Was Detox Day

I grabbed my husbands crotch the other day and asked him if he got excited.  He say no. But thinking about his new Fender Strat was giving him a chubby.  I have been replaced by a guitar.  That's just fine.  I will replace him with a new toy.  So there.

I once dated a guy who liked the act of a blowjob, but didn't want me to "finish".  From what I've heard, that's suppose to be uncomfortable.

I have read way too many conspiracy theory books.  I'm just finishing up "The Rule of Four".  It's getting to the point where I think I see things in paintings.

Thankfully, after the Great Gray Boob issue from Saturdays sweatasic day at the track,  the undersides of my breast have returned to their normal color.

Don't you hate when you're asked for a nice photo of yourself, you look in your photo library and all you have is pictures of you grabbing your breasts, other peoples breasts or pictures with your fingers in your nose or making some sort of rude gesture?

Have you noticed that balls are always slightly cool? I find it strange. The penis is warm, but the balls have a lower temperature. Of course, this does not pertain to sweaty balls. It's such a brain teaser. I've really been working on that one for awhile. I'm gonna have to Google it.

There is way too much cake, chocolate and other dessert type items in my house right now.  I'm suppose to be detoxing, not deciding if I should have one more sliver of cake or a Lollycake.

Okay, I've gotten to the bottom of the balls issue.  The balls are cool because the sperm have to be kept at a temperature lower then body temp.  I feel strangely unsatisfied with that answer.  I was hoping for something more interesting.

Later, lovers.


  1. I was hoping for another answer too. LOL How boring! LOL

  2. That's a real let down of an answer. And Hotty Hubby says he can't imagining not finishing...ouch!

    Who wrote The Rule of Four? I wanna read it too!

  3. I had never heard of sweaty balls until JR explained the phenomena to me. I felt soiled after.