Friday, September 12, 2008

Could I Really Do That?

Okay, as I go forth into the weekend I will leave you all with something a bit more mild tasting. I've really tossed up my freak flag this week. Thank you all for bearing with me. It felt awesome letting that all out. Oh, and welcome to all my new fans from the Men's Health forum. You guys rock my world! After I made it through the initial hazing, I found a nice nest to hang out in. You guys can be brutal!

So, I'm watching "Pretty Women" last night for the 637th time. Cable never gets tired of showing it, I never get tired of watching it. I still get upset when they don't let her shop and I still cry at the end. The modern day fairy tale with a prostitute thrown in. It's like crack for women under 35. We have to watch it even though we know that there is no truth to it. We always hope that when Julia says "I want the fairy tale," Richard Gere will suddenly drop down on one knee and propose.

It got me thinking, could I ever do that? Could I ever have sex for money?

When the movie was over I decided twist up my brain in more knots. I found "Cathouse" in the On Demand menu and clicked it on. That's the reality show based in the "Moonlight Bunny Ranch" in Nevada. Basically, a whorehouse. I saw half the men that these girls were hooking up with and it have me the heebie jeebies. EWW!!

Apparently that would not be the place for me and I'm still having full body shivers every time I think about it.

I've already established the fact that I don't think I could ever be in porn. I don't know if it's the camera, the monstrous packages or just the overall ickiness of the act.

So, I tried another angle - call girl. Could I become one of those glamorous call girls that get to pick the men they see, go out to fancy dinners, wear designer clothes and take trips all over the world? Could I be the next Heidi Fleiss?

I've never had sex with someone that I wasn't attracted to or liked in some way or another. Even wearing the haziest of beer goggles, I still managed to escape the notorious "coyote ugly". Could I hook up with someone that was a mystery to me? Honestly, I don't know.

Me....the most outspoken, open minded, excepting person there is.....I just can't come up with an answer. I don't know if I've finally started judging myself or if I'm too much of a control freak. But, I can honestly say I can't come up with a straight answer of yes or no.

This is going to be a long day. I hate loose ends!


  1. I could never be a manwhore.

    I'd fall asleep after my first client.

  2. Badass: You make an excellent point. I do like to take a nap afterwards as well. Food for thought...

  3. Would I ever have sex for money?? Hmmm...does having sex to win a bet count? Because if so...give me my "Man Whore" hat.

    And I can't believe you've never had sex with a two-bagger (as in you need one bag to put over your head and another over his head in case yours falls off).

    How have beer goggles never gotten the best of you? I've had sex with people I downright loathe! When we all go out, I will tell you a tale about how some of my friends and I used to go "Hoggin"

  4. Daddy files: It is a good thing we never found each other in our single days. I would have found loads of ways to get you in trouble. I love it when someone is pliable when drunk. You can get them to do anything with anyone! You would have many more tales if I was part of your crew.

    I can only imagine what 'hoggin' is.

    If I'm drinking heavily, I always surround myself with people I can sorta trust. I, myself, am very pliable. I'm the first to suggest skinny dipping (even in the winter)or some other activity that involves utter embarassment the next day.

    Tell your wife she needs to go out drinking with me tonight. I'm dog-sitting for the inlaws and really need to get out!! I can't go tomorrow 'cuz I'm going outta town.

  5. Even though I love Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Showtime, I know I couldn't do it. It's not glamorous to have to have sex with guys just because they made a phone call and had the money.

    Prostitute? No. Porn star? NOOOOO!