Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I See You!!!

TH and I were flipping thru the channels last night while waiting for The Shield to start at 10 pm. We ended up flipping by the show Big Brother and watched the pre-show for a bit. What a stupid show! I'm all for watching some reality TV. I was hopelessly addicted to Celebrity Rehab, My Fair Brady, Newlyweds and Pam Andersons Girl on the Loose. Yes, I have a Pam & Jessica obsession. It's that whole blond, bombshell, pinup thing. I'm truly jealous of them.

I was also watching an episode of Real Sex on HBO and they showed a house that all gay guys lived in and every single room in the house had a video camera on it. It was a voyeurism house. For a monthly fee, you could sign up to watch - via web- these guys go about their daily routine. It was crazy. I know that there are sites like this that feature women. But, how creepy is that! Why would you want to pay to watch some guy do the dishes, take a shower or (gross) take a dump? There are some very sick people out there.

So, of course this got my over stimulated brain going and I started to think, could I do this? Could I have a camera on me 24/7? Maybe.... But, then I thought of all the strange things that I do when I'm in the house alone.

  • I like to walk around naked. Some days, I just come home, take my work clothes off and walk back downstairs to grab a snack....without clothes. I also like to sunbath in the nude. My back yard is very private and there is nothing more comfortable than laying down on the chaise lounge in your birthday suit.
  • I watch really bad TV. Any movie that has cheerleaders, a princess or some girl who gets stuck in the ghetto part of town and somehow makes it by dancing. If it's a feel good chick flick, I'm gonna watch it. I also watch reruns of Sex and the City and Friends over and over again. It's very pathetic.
  • I am the most unattractive sleeper in the world. I snore, drool and I sleep with my eyes open a little bit. My mother said it's so creepy and Big K hasn't really said anything about it yet. But, it's pretty bad. Not sexy at all.
  • I eat really gross foods when I'm cranky. Scoobie Doo shaped Kraft Mac n' Cheese is a favorite. There is something about powdered chemical cheese and a half a stick of butter mixed with pasta that makes a girl feel good. I have also eaten a half a loaf of bread, toasted with butter, cinnamon and sugar. I also like to keep a jar of caramel in the fridge. When I need a quick sweet fix, I grab a spoonful and put it directly in my mouth.
  • I wear pajamas that have absolutely no sex appeal. I'm a big fan of the flannel pj's with prints of animals, designs etc. I twine this stunning ensemble with a pair of sheep skin granny slippers.
  • When I sit on the couch and watch TV, I like to pull on my toes. I think I'm trying to get the feeling back in my feet after wearing huge heels all day.
Of course there is all the obvious things - sex, masturbation, watching porn etc. But, I have weird habits that no one really needs to witness, must less pay $29.95 per month to watch.


  1. I couldn't have a camera on me 24/7.

    All people would see would be me picking my nose.

    Also, if you need help with your banner/masthead or your general blog design, let me know. I'm working on a custom design for Lola right now, and I wouldn't mind giving you a hand if you'd like. E-mail me if you're interested (badassgeek[at]gmail[dot]com).

  2. Badass Geek: I didn't think about the nose picking. I do the Nova Scotia nose blow, though. That's gross!

  3. No, no, no. There are far too many things I do that no one should witness. I love the Spongebob shaped mac & cheese, btw.

  4. Lola: Sponge Bob is my second fav. I use that if Scoobie is out. If I'm really being gross, I stick cut up hotdogs in it. Ya know, 'cuz there isn't enough fat and calorie in the first place.

  5. hmmm could i have a camera trained on me 24/7 well if it involved carmel vanilla lattes with whip and drizzle or something utterly carmel and sweet and delishious .. then maybe. but my reality tv would be a bore.. you would see me on the laptop drinkning coffee or lattes and blogging or designing LOL...
    maybe a occasional referee to the kidlets. but at bedtime maybe a little cheeky action but then mostly sleep LOL

  6. Hi Blueeyestawni:
    Yes, coffee would be a big part of the viewing experience. I must have it all the time. It's an on-going love affair.