Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Write to Know...Part 1

Yesterday afternoon I stumbled into the forum to cruise around and get into men's heads. After I recovered from the initial shot of seeing that many men shirtless all at once, I decided to post a discussion in the forum and ask "What do men really want know about women?" I stressed that there were "no limits" on questions. Before the moderator shut down my discussion because I had to received permission from Men's Health before asking such questions, I got some interesting comments. I'm not sure why he shut me down. Apparently, the only discussions can be about weightlifting, the size of your penis/pecs/waist/thighs etc.

So, thank you Willie Dynamite for posting some questions and taking me seriously. Here is my opinion:

Why don't more women swallow?: First, I will go on the record as saying, yes I swallow. It's part of the whole act and my mother taught me that if you're not going to do something right, don't do it at all.

I think most women don't swallow because, truthfully, it really doesn't taste all that great. You may or may not know that the taste is a direct result of what the guy ate earlier that day. But, if you've ever gone down on a guy and he ate asparagus earlier on in the day, that will put you off the stuff for good. I would rather drink curdled milk. Men seem to think that all those girls in the porn films are telling the truth and all women want to be coated with the stuff. Maybe they do. But, it's sticky, it dries faster than superglue and is just as hard to get off. Also, if you don't give us an early warning that you're getting ready to blow (very bad manners if you don't), that stuff will hit us in the back of the throat like a geyser. I don't know if any one has ever clocked it, but I've been hit by a few shots that brought tears to my eyes.

If a women is with a guy that has good blow job etiquette, it's lots of fun and she probably will swallow. I just think most women haven't had that experience and it make them tentative.

Why are more women obsessed with the size of their asses then we are: I have 2 names for you: Jennifer Lopez - Pamela Anderson. Boobs and butts are the most common obsession points for men to women. If you obsess about it, we're going to obsess about it; the size, shape, is it lifting/drooping, hard, soft, round enough. The first thing I do when I try on a pair of jeans is twirl around and look at my ass in the mirror. It doesn't matter if they fit perfectly and price is right. If my ass looks the tiniest bit misshapen, I don't buy them. Just like most men obsess about the size of their penis. They think women are obsessing about the size and therefore think that it's really important. Although, from a personal perspective, I'm not a package girl. I want broad shoulders and a good butt.

Why do women tell us their problems and not want answers or solutions?: Because we already have the answer or the solution in our head. We're just trying to see if you have the same one. We're using you as a sounding board and doing a little venting on the side. It is an unfair practice and I try like hell not to do it. Most of the time the best defense is this questions: "That is a real problem. What do you think you should do?". That could possible backfired but it's better than giving your true opinion and she decides that you're an asshole because you don't agree with her.

Why do women use sex as a tool?: We use it because it has a proven track record of success. Sometimes it is the only way to get attention. It is a sneaky ploy and I have shamefully used it in the past.

I have lots more questions that have been posted and I will be using them sporadically as posts. I have some really good ones stored up for future use. Guys are really interested in a women's opinion. Bravo!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, since you've changed your format it is nothing but trash. No wonder you have no female friends you are a slut with a keyboard!

  2. I'm very sorry that you miss my former format. It was circumstances beyond my control and you can blame some person out there in the universe for threatening to "out me". My blog was not a secret, but I was afraid someone would comment and leak information. I wanted a level of privacy for the people I talked about. I miss my former format as well and wish I could talk about all the silly things that have happened since my redesign.

    I'm not slutty or promiscuous. I'm open minded about the things I talk about and my readership has double since my redesign. I receive all sorts of interesting emails and requests for posts. People have commented that my views are "refreshing"
    and "unfiltered"

    As far as not having any female friends, that is a personal choice. I've never had someone break off a friendship with me, it's always the other way around. There is alot of bad people out there and I'm way too trusting.

    If I offend you now, I would urge you to stop reading. I've got stuff in the hopper that's just the same and even more on edge.

    Thanks for your previous patronage. You'll be missed.

  3. It's like the advice my grandpa gave me when I was little:

    "Kiddo, tell the bitch to swallow or it's going in her eye."

    Grandpa was always a straight shooter. No need to bullshit a 9-year-old I guess.

    And "anonymous," how about you blow it out your rear. Seriously, you comment on a blog to tell the author she's a "slut with the keyboard." The Internet is a big place. If you don't like something, go somewhere else.


  4. If you don't swallow, why do it? Sorry, but that's just pathetic to say, oh, hold on, I'm just gonna go spit now. Get over it. If a guy went down on me and jumped up saying he needs to brush his teeth, he would not be coming back.

    Size matters only if you're talking girth. Too long is a problem. If we're talking ass, my number one rule is your ass must be bigger than mine. I've been head-over-heels in lust with guys that had smaller asses than mine, and I never went there. Never will. That's what keeps me working out!

    I don't need a man to fix my problems, so just shut up and listen, as I need to vent.

    I've never used sex as a weapon, because that just screws me.

    That's my two cents, ladies and gents.

  5. Daddyfiles: I love your grandfather!!! Getting it in the eye is the worse! Especially if you're like me and wear contacts. My face is a big place. Aim somewhere else!!

    Lola: Girlfriend! I need to buy you a drink next time you come to the Cape. You rock!

  6. What about removing the anonymous option off of the comments section? I have a friend that has a blog and you cannot comment anonymously; you have to have a screen name and password. That way, people too ignorant and inept to create a username and password won't bore us with their useless thoughts.

  7. Hey Morvy: I did think about that. But, I didn't want to exclude people who didn't want to register. Some people are adverse to that; just another username and password. So, I've started moderating my comments. I thought the "slut with a keyboard" was kind cute, so I let that thru. I also wanted to let that person know that I appreciated their former patronage. Sometimes my manners get the best of me and I'm polite to mean people. I guess you can't please everyone. You should see some of the stuff that I get. People are angry! I just delete it. Life's too short! The funny thing is, they're still reading everyday! I must be doing something right!!

    Thanks for being such a doll! UR the best!

  8. How do i get the the menshealth forum?

  9. Anonymous:
    go to "discussions"
    There are hundreds of forums. If you decide to comment, be prepared for some serious hazing. They torment the newbies. They are a strange bunch, but lots of fun. I'm having a great time in there and they're giving me tons of ideas.

  10. Diamond: I think you should let their comments through! Allow your loyal readers to respond to them in kind! (I'm sure Daddy Files could give them a good thrashing from the keyboard!)

  11. Morvey: Honey, I would love too! But, they're very personal attacks. Some people have figured out who I am and are attacking me personally. It's sad.

    Isn't Daddyfiles funny. I hope you read his blog. He's a scream!I'm sure he would totally kick ass with his keyboard and find an interesting place for the mouse.

  12. I really feel bad for you! (Actually, I found your blog through Daddy Files - and yes, he is hilarious. I don't know if reading about what to expect in the way of pregnancy and a baby will make my preganancy easier or harder - but I love reading well written, witty, funny blogs (yours included).

  13. Morvey: You are a love! Thank you! You'll have to keep us up to date on your preganacy and let us know how it's going. Ever think about blogging on it?

  14. I don't know if it's ok to ask a question here, but if it is... Do women prefer circumcised penises? I am not and am considering having it done. Thanks

  15. Hi Anonymous: It's always ok to ask any questions here. If you would like something more private, my email link is available in my profile. If it's okay, I'll comment on your question on Monday. Have a great weekend.