Monday, September 8, 2008

Rough Issues

Making love is wonderful and special. He holds you in his arms while you both move gently together, soft kisses, tender caresses and terms of endearment. Love overwhelms both of you as you snuggle together and drift off to sleep. But, sometimes you just need to be fucked.

It's crude, it's vulgar, IT'S TRUE!!!

Do you remember the first time you had mind blowing-rip-your-clothes-half-off-gotta-have-it-now-give-it-to-me-bend-me-over-do-what-I-tell-you-to sex? I do. I remember laying face down on the couch, breathless, my skirt up around my waist, one shoe off, and one boob out of my bra thinking "Holy shit! That was awesome" It was the equivalent to a runners high. Nothing beats the feeling of someone ripping clothes off of you in frenzied passion, driving into you with reckless abandon and leaving you lying there, gasping for air and waiting for the feeling to return to your legs. There is nothing in the world that is sexier, nothing that makes you feel more wanted.

So I like it rough. So what? Its is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I'm not promoting violence against women. I'm not saying that men should go out and devour the first woman they hook up with. No No No!! I'm telling you that necessary roughness is a fun part of sex that everyone should explore. This isn't S&M. I'm not breaking out the whips, chains and leather studded collars. And for the record, that's not wrong either. If you're into that, more power to you. I don't think I could do it. I don't find pleasure in pain or humiliation. I once had a guy twist my nipples so hard they hurt for two days. It was like he was trying to take the cap off a beer. I kept thinking, if I run into him again I'm going do a bit of twisting myself. Maybe a little Indian sunburn for good measure.

So, how do you promote this new found fun into your sex life? Drop your inhibitions. Plain and simple. How do you do that? Drink alot! Nothing lowers your guard like massive quantities of booze. If the first time fails miserably, you can always blame it on the alcohol. If you have a very open relationship, tell your partner. Letting them know that nothing turns you on more than being thrown up against the wall and ravaged.

You've got to test the waters. Hair pulling is always nice. But, don't grab it and yank. That hurts and will justify a knee to the balls. Grip from the base and pull gently. Spanking can be fun. Start with gentle, but full handed slaps. Don't haul off and whack and don't just use the tips of the fingers. Ladies, men are a bit wary about this area. Unfortunately, they believe that enjoying anything within the general area of their ass might mean they're gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. Usually, grabbing or grazing your nails over the whole general area will give you an idea of their comfort level.

Gentlemen: All of this does not mean you should take this opportunity to do a back door sneak attack. That is impolite, bad manners and poor kink etiquette. This subject will be discussed at a later date and time.

Embrace and explore your rough and tumble side. It's a new kinda high.


  1. I agree, rough and impromptu sex is awesome. But there is one issue...

    I won't give a number of women I've slept with (in part because I'm not really sure) but it's a good amount. Some were relationships but most were just flings. The rough and tumble sex was great with those girls because honestly I didn't care about them and there was no need for "love making." So now I equate that kind of sex with the morally casual tramps of my past.

    Meaning to do that with my wife -- who I put on the highest of pedestals -- is kind of unnerving. But you're right, with lots of alcohol comes lots of uninhibited nookie.

  2. Daddyfiles: I do see your point and agree that many people see it as more of a one-night-stand- casual-noncaring type of sex. But, I urge you to ask your wife. You might be surprised. There is something about a man wanting you with such passion that makes a girl feel irresistible. It gives you the same rush you felt when you were first dating and you couldn't get enough of each other.

    Rough and tumble is even better with the one that you love. There is absolute trust, respect and it is less inhibited. It's a different kind of "love making"

  3. I know, she'd love it. I have the problem with it. In my mind it's like spray painting graffiti on an original Picasso.

    And to add to the problem, I've been told my timing is horrendous. I try to attack MJ when she's stressed, because I think a little boinking will help her out. So I'll sneak up behind her while she's doing the dishes or cooking, thinking that she'll give in to my charms and we'll knock all the pots and pans off the counter and get it on.

    Unfortunately, all she can think about is dinner, the laundry, the dishes, etc. Sometimes I think the clearance I need for sex is akin to getting the right conditions for a space shuttle launch!

    I'm not sure why I'm spilling all this as it could come up in drunken conversation between the two of you very soon! =)

  4. Daddy Files: Yes timing is everything. Big K likes to time it so I'm in the middle of chopping a huge pile of onions or I'm trying to untwist his underwear and socks from his sweatpants while doing the laundry because he can't seem to take them off one at a time and they get all tangled up. Forget the times I'm naked, wrapped in a towel all dewy from the shower. That does nothing. I think he gets turned on watching me do housework. Sick man!

    Oh, I'm sure your wife and I will have lots to talk about. I don't even need to be drunk to discuss it!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! Big K is dead on! I've never seen MJ sexier than when she's on all fours scrubbing the kitchen floor. Watching a woman do housework is all kinds of sexy!

  6. Daddy files: You and Big K are both sick men. I DO NOT look hot when I'm doing housework. Most of the time I'm wearing gross clothes and my hair is in a knot on my head. I'm sweaty and I smell like a combination of dog hair, lavender cleaning solvent, Windex and dirty bathroom. Look out Victoria Secret, here I come!

  7. Okay, so I'm going to be the expert here since I've been with the same guy for 25 of my 42 years.

    The best sex is the rip-it-off, put-me-up-against-the-wall sex. It's the stuff that makes the beginning so great, and it's the stuff that keeps it going. Yeah, some women like the sweet stuff, and it works sometimes, but...

  8. Lola: don't you love it when you come home from a night out and you get jumped on right when you walk in the door! It's been almost 9 years and Big K and I are still rocking! Talk about a perfect marriage.