Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aren't You Glad You Asked.

Oh Debbie. Darlin' Debbie. You must be so sorry that you memed me. You should know better than to ask me such a thing. It's only asking for trouble.

Well, we should really blame Casey from Half As Good As You. She's the one who meme Debbie and then Debbie memed me. Well, truthfully....Casey memed everyone. But, she should have known it would get back to me. So, blame Debbie or Casey. They are both at fault.

Here are the rules:

1. Go to your documents
2. Go to your 6th file
3. Go to your 6th picture
4. Blog about it
5. Tag 6 friends to do the same

Okay, first I should tell you a funny story about pictures. Long ago, before I received my shiny new laptop, there was another laptop. An evil laptop that was plagued with a virus. This laptop was so sick that it had to be taken to the laptop doctors and treated with virus protection. (See, you should always use a condom.) During the protecting process all of the data was destroyed. (I'm still too pissed about this to go into great detail.) When the laptop was returned to me (minus the evil virus and all of my fucking data), I desperately searched for any of my missing documents. As I waded through system files I came upon a small folder labeled "Pictures". Not sure what it was, I opened it. Much to my surprise I found some case file photos that I had downloaded for a Criminology class. I also found some photos that TH had downloaded while he was using my laptop. I started to laugh. I pictured the computer geeks coming across these photos during the data wiping process (that they were forbidden to do) and the horrified looks on their little faces as they saw the collection of autopsy pictures from my case files mixed with all the porn Big K had downloaded. Serves them right for losing all my music files! pictures of bodies today. Here is my 6th file.

As soon as I find a kazoo, I'm trying this! I betcha I could do it!
Because the meming is out of control lately, I will leave this open to everyone!


  1. Don't hate the player, hate the game. I didn't really tag anybody, I suggested it nicely.

  2. Sarah+2girls: I know! She's got game!

    Casey: Honey, I could never hate you! You are the wind beneath my wings, the cream in my coffee, the light in the window. And you have the most adorable children...EVA!!!!

  3. Wow, autopsy and porn, two of my favorite subjects. If there were pictures of dead naked people eating a sandwich, I'd be in heaven.

  4. OH. MY. GOD.

    I think I just tinkled a bit watching that. That was fantastic!

  5. Well, let me know when you get that good at it, and I'll take a trip to the Cape to see you perform!

  6. I bet she listened when the doctor told her about kegels.

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. *gasp* ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I showed my husband who put on his reading glasses to see better and kept saying "Can't you make it big? Make it big!"

    I'm SO not sorry and I just knew you'd have something good in there! You didn't let me down! Bravo!

  8. That was too funny. A talent unattainable to me.

  9. Cameron: you are a sick, sick man. :)

    MadWoman: I actually fell off my desk chair the first time I watched it, I was laughing so hard.

    Lola: If I figure it out you can be sure I will take it on the road!

    Captain Dumbass: Oh yes! You must keep that in shape!

    Debbie: You asked for it! It's funny because the next 6 pictures were all pictures of the beach and totally normal things. Glad your husband liked it! If he still can't see it, let me know and I will email you the file.

  10. Oh, he saw enough of it. He thinks if he makes the picture bigger he might be able to actually see up her dress. He's sad in a funny kind of way sometimes.