Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bit Random

Today is the day to get memes out of the way. (Hey, that rhymes). Otherwise they pile up and make me crazy. I'm still recovering from the crazy, fun and hellish Sunday night that was the Metallic concert (details coming soon, lovers). So, I thought I would be a bit random and lazy. Here's a meme from Badass. If you don't read his shit, you're a loser. He's funny, sweet, crazy and a hell of a writer. You can also watch Lola and I fight for his affections.

The random questions

Where is your cellphone? I think it's in my purse. Or it could be in my desk drawer. I don't know. I'm sure it's going to ring or vibrate or something any minute.

Where is your significant other? I'm pretty sure he's at work. At least I hope he is. If he's off stalking Jennifer Aniston again we're gonna have to talk.

Your hair color? Blond (with very bad roots. Yes, I need to get them done. I KNOW!!!)

Your family? I have some. I'm not sure what they're doing right now. Thank God they don't live to close to me. They drive me nuts sometimes.

Who you miss the most? It changes daily. Right now I miss an old friend.

Your favorite thing? Food. I love rich, amazing food.

Your dream last night? Nothing, Nada, Zip! I was jipped last night!

Your dream/goal? I want to own a used bookstore/coffee house. I know it's very cliche. But I want to be surrounded by two things I love. Books and caffeine.

The room you're in? My office (aka my cell in Satan's workshop)

Your hobby? Cooking, reading, knitting, working.
Your fear? Driving over really big bridges

Where do you want to be in six years? A Partner in this company. (don't hold your breath on that one.)
Where were you last night? Hanging out at home, making banana bread, watching "24" (Jack Bauer is so hot!!) and trying to make my laptop talk to my new Crackberry.

What you're not? In shape, big boobed, rich or well rested

One of your wish list items? Boobs!

Where you grew up? Cape Cod

The last thing you did? Texted Partner #3, told him that he was quoted in today's paper and called him a media whore. (God, that felt awesome!)

What are you wearing? Cowl neck grey wool sweater dress, smoke colored lace top thigh highs, black garter belt, black satin bra that is not making my boobs look any bigger, and knee high black leather 4 inch heel boots.

Your TV? It's a big huge flat screen. Whatta-ya-want from me? I don't know electronics.

Your pet? Big, dumb, adorable Boxer (dog) and a weaselly, pain in the ass border collie/lab mix (dog)

Your computer? My secret lover.

Your mood? Caffeinated

Missing someone? Every day

Your car? Jetta Wolfsburg. (sometimes a Porsche when I'm a good girl)

Something you're not wearing? Panties

Favorite store? Bookstore.

Your summer? Spent in the nude, lounging on my back porch

Love someone? As much as possible

Your favorite color? Purple

The last time you laughed? Right after I texted Partner #3. It was a cackle of glee!

The last time you cried? This weekend after I visited the Cupcake Man in rehab. It's so hard for me to see him like that!

And here is my award from Kat over there at 3 Bedroom Bungalow. If she hadn't moved over the big pond to England, I would be whining for her to come visit me. She is the cats pajamas! Go visit her and read about her adventures in the land of fish and chips.

I have to write more random stuff about myself. It's not like I'm a close book here. This is a tough one. Here I go:

1) I am terrified of snakes. When I was younger I thought they were cool. Now, they scare the shit outta me.

2) I practically never wear panties, but I love to buy them. They're so pretty and girly, yet I never wear them.

3) I want to learn Portuguese so I know what the Brazilian guys at the gym are talking about. I'm sure it's nothing important, but I hate that I don't understand it.

4) I want to dye my hair red for a day, just to see what it would look like. I was born a red head so I think I could swing it.

5) I worked for a garbage company and actually hauled trash for a few days when one of the guys was sick. It was the most disgusting job ever! People are pigs!

6) I hate the fact that TH doesn't wear his wedding ring. He doesn't like the feel of jewelry and won't even wear a watch. I try to understand, but it really bothers me.

7) Some day I plan to have black and white nude photos taken of myself.

8) I believe that the reason I haven't had the flu in over 2 years is that I drink at least a zillion cups of green tea a day. I pee alot, but I'm never sick.

9) I haven't shaved my legs in 4 days. I will have them shaved when I get those naked pictures taken.

10) I wish TH would be more romantic. I envy those couples that look like they're totally in love all the time. We're in love, but we don't look it.

11) At least once a week I want to quit my job. But, then I step back into reality.

12) I'm obsessed with checking my bank account balance on line. Not because it's huge, but that it's always shrinking. I hate being in debt.

13) I love, love, LOVE cheese. All kinds.

14) I feel showering in the morning is unnecessary if you showered just before going to bed. Big K disagrees with me and makes fun of me if I don't. How in the world do you get dirty while sleeping? I usually run in the morning so showering is necessary.

15) I am dying to go on a real sleigh ride.

16) I had great sex this weekend. It wasn't on a sleigh ride, though.

17) My gynecologist knows my mother and asks me about her when I'm in that embarrassing al fresco position. Dude, I'm on a table, my legs are splayed and my Whoo Ha is on display for the world to see. I don't want to talk about my mom.

18) Speaking of my mom, the woman is 5'1" tall and weighs 90 lbs soaking wet. My sister, brother and I are all at least 5'6" and built like a brick house. I have no idea how she birthed us.

19) She also knows that my gyno asks about her as I'm being poked. She thinks it's funny.

20) My brain had been emptied and I can't think of anymore things right now. But, as soon as I post this, ideas will flood my brain and I will be annoyed I didn't think of them 5 minutes ago.

That's me in a nutshell. This meme goes out to you, lovers!


  1. Heh, garbagewoman. Probably weren't wearing your 4 inch heeled leather boots that day.

  2. Great answers! Ahh, dye your hair red. I had mine red for several years, and I loved it until it got too brassy looking. I've had every hair color except for black. Too hard to go back.

    Oh, and Badass is mine, bitch!

  3. Crap. I have no freaking clue what a meme is and everyone is talking about them today! Well if that was a meme, it was really neat... I like how it was funny and vulnerable at the same time.

  4. CCG I think if we lived in somewhat close proximity we would be painting the town red.

  5. Wow, a garbage woman! My dad worked for the garbage company in the early 80's but got run over by a truck and it broke his back (luckily there was dirt under him instead of concrete or he'd be dead). Not cool.

    I still don't get how you skip underwear (I hate the word panties). I feel weird when I try it.

    I think you should go red. I've been thinking about going red too.

  6. Cameron - nope, that was the day for stilettos!

    Lola: Please...we both know that he loves me best!

    Phoenix: A meme is a really annoying thing that we bloggers do. It's kinda like a chain letter. One person does it and then passes it along to others. I having named anyone in awhile because I don't want to be on anyones shit list. I like 'em! They're fun!

    Kat: It would be hot pink, red and polka dotted! It would be very scary!

    Casey: Panties, Panties, Panties....HA HA!! It took me awhile to get use to it and now I love it! It gives me a wicked pleasure knowing that I'm trotting around with my Whoo Ha in the breeze.

  7. Oh and I am a red head right now and it is a bitch to maintain...gonna go chestnut brown over it...less upkeep.

  8. Ladies, ladies... There is more than enough of me to share. =)

  9. Seems to me that some questions are missing Missy.