Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is It Karma?

Having no religious background to speak of, I believe in the church of "treat others as you would have them treat you". Obviously, there are unique cases in which this doctrine fails me. But all in all, I love everyone equally until they give me a reason to hate their guts and drag their name through mud. Having dabbled in Wicca (READ: watched too many movies, then read alot of books and maybe made a charm or two) I also believe that what ever you do comes back to you x3. If you throw something negative out there its probably gonna come back and take a big bite outta your ass.

When bad stuff happens to me, I always think back on what I could have done to bring it into my life. Was I mean to someone? Did I wrong someone? Did I think poorly about someone? etc, etc. I consider myself a good person and when shit happens, it pisses me off.

Lately, I've had some really good stuff come my way. For example:

On Xmas, I always try to do a little something. Every time I pass a Salvation Army kettle I throw a few bucks in. (this year they were EVERYWHERE! I bet I gave at least $50 or more).
I also pick a specific charity to focus on. This year I chose a place called Angel House. It is a shelter for women and children that are the victims of domestic violence. I called up and asked what they needed and was told that they were all set, but would love to have some stocking stuffers for the kids. I was happy to oblige and they emailed me a list of all 26 kids. (Breaks your heart, huh!) Money has been tight this year and that amount of presents wasn't really in my budget. But I figured I could dip into my savings and it would work. Well, just before I was about to go shopping for the 26 items I got hit with a bill to renew my car insurance. Merry Fucking Christmas. As you all know, I live in Massachusetts, the land of the highest insurance plans....EVER! Even better....to renew, you are required to submit a check for 3 months worth of payments. I was stressed out. Here it was, the day before Xmas Eve and I had promised to deliver these toys the next day and I didn't have enough cash to pay for them all. I was about to make the dreaded phone call to Big K and ask him if he wouldn't mind me putting it on a credit card, when Partner 2 walked into my office with an envelope. "Merry Christmas" he said as he tossed it on my desk. In the envelope was a Christmas card, signed by him and a scratch ticket. I never win at scratch tickets or if I do, I win a dollar. I scratched off the silver junk to reveal that I'd won $100.00! Cash problem solved! The toys were delivered on time! Christmas was saved.

These random things happen to me all the time. One year, I found some ladies purse that she'd left in a shopping cart outside a grocery store. I just dropped it off at the local police station and didn't think about it after that. The next day, the tire went flat on my car. I was struggling to get through school and working part time. I was worried I wouldn't have the money to get a new one. Two days later, I got a call from the police station asking me to come down and pick up an envelope. In it was a card and $200.00 cash. The purse woman had written me a thank you letter and called me her "Angel".

The universe has funny ways to show you its magic. Let that be a lesson to you.


  1. That's a great story!
    In general, I am not a lucky person....I have 'The Birthday Book' and it states right there in black and white- September 18 people are not known to have good luck-....and it's true.....it just makes me that much more grateful for the good things in life that come my way!

  2. I've had a few of those events myself, and it does make you feel pretty good.

    I'm still waiting for the biggest asses I know to get what they deserve, though, so it's not foolproof!

  3. I'm not sure. I always try to do the right thing (donate to needy causes, hold open doors, smile and be polite to strangers) but we've had a string of shitty luck around here. If it's Karma then WTF?!?

  4. Morvey: I'm grateful everyday that something good happens. I'll have to check out my b-day, March 18

    Lola: Those assholes will get whats coming for them. Just wait!

    Casey: The same thing happens to me. I'll have an incredibly shitty day that I really don't deserve and I'll wonder, "What the hell did I do to deserve this!!" Fate fucks up sometimes. You've just gotta believe that it's gonna make it up to you x3.

  5. It validates the old saying, "What goes around, Comes around". Nice post from a nice person.

  6. My brother got in to a terrible accident where he rolled his car upside down into a pond. I am convinced he either has either really good karma or an angel on his shoulder than let him make it out of there alive.

  7. I'm going to start dividing my time from stalking Lola to following you around, too. You seem to have some good luck around you.

  8. Michele: Thanks girl! You're not half bad yourself! ;)

    Kat: I'm not religious, but I vote for an angel in that one. Holy shit!

    Badass: I thought you were already stalking me. Hmmm...that must have been someone else at my window last night. Oh well, he got a good show! ;)

  9. I have notoriously bad luck. And I am SOOO nice to people and very generous. And yet I always get crapped on. I also don't believe in the 3x coming back on you if you do harm either. I have heard too many stories of drunk drivers killing a family of five, while they walk away unharmed, etc. for me to believe everybody gets what they deserve.

  10. Heather: I still believe in the x3. It may not happen right away to those shitheads, but they're time will come!

  11. I absolutely believe in karma. Especially after my husband's ex-wife was recently sent to jail.

    I LOVE karma!