Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rope it Up!

I know, I've sucked lately. I've been slacking at the daily blog and I haven't been to visit you all for days. I've got umpteen million unreads in my reader and I've used up all my reserve posts. Ya know, those posts that you've written in case you don't have a chance to write a fresh entry. Yup, they're all gone.

Tax season is over and even though I don't work for an accounting firm, the stress level here has been hiked up to 27 (that's on a scale of 1-10) Relief is in sight in the form of Friday and a very large Margarita on the rocks with extra salt and a package of stale Peeps. Do I know how to party or what?

I leave you with a cute video that one of my guys sent me. I've never seen so many hot, young men in uniform get so excited about little girls jump roping. But, I must say those girls kick some serious ass!!! This was taken at the US Navy Academy during a half time show.

Party on lovers! I'll be back from the dead soon!


  1. It is a busy time of year, but I'm glad for tax season to be done with, too.

    That video was insane!

  2. I did work at an accountant's office during tax season one year and I wanted to stab myself in the eyes with pencils EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I was at work.

  3. I wondered where you've been. I've missed you. Start planning your trip to Houston, I've got a spare room with your name on it and whatever drink strikes your fancy.

  4. Margaritas! And PEEPS!!! What more could a girl want? We're headed to the coast tomorrow so I'll be sure to have a drink (or twenty) in your honor. :)

  5. Stale Peeps are the BEST! Yeah, busy days for sure. We're heading out for margaritas tomorrow night, too, so I'll be thinking of you until I get too buzzed anyway ;)

  6. I've missed seeing you around too but I get life getting in the way of blogging. Hence me sitting here to catch up on my reader at 11PM and probably not finishing until 1ish. Grr.