Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes I Have To Wear Panties

Casey....I know how much you HATE the word "panties" so I will try to use other descriptions.

Yesterdays comment about leaving my drawers on the office stairs (by accident, mind you) spurred quite a bit of confusion from the masses. So, I thought I would use this post to clarify the incident and give you a bit more information on my how I get to my daily decision to go gorilla.

Yes, on the particular day that I stupidly left my tiny bit of box covering lace on the office stairs, I had worn underwear. I feel it necessary to place a barrier between my naughty bits and pants - especially if said pants* are dress pants. Jean will chafe the Beav. It's important to be mindful of crotch placement. You might be ok when you're standing, but sitting down is a whole different issue. If you desire to ride commando, make sure you do a "test sit" first. Nothing is worse than sitting up straight in a restaurant booth and having a painful camel toe moment.

*Gym pants are exempt from this rule as I do not consider them to be real pants but an outfit that I wear to sweat in. Besides, nothing is more uncomfortable than pigeon pose in a thong. Feels like it's gonna cut you right in two.

I always go sans skivvies when I'm in a skirt. Nothing makes you feel naughtier (is that a word?) than letting the honey pot feel the breeze. Pair the outfit with thigh highs and a garter belt and you're an orgasm on a stick. Mind the weather report. If your skirt has the lift factor and you catch a stray breeze you might have a flashing incident in your future. Just ask any of the companies neighboring my office. I'm surprised I didn't get arrested last summer.

The fact that I know the underwear choice or non-choice of each guy in my office is not by choice. They share these sordid details with me. Or it is clearly obvious by the number of times they adjust themselves during the day: Low numbers = tighty-whities, Mid-numbers = boxer shorts/briefs, Boarding on masturbation = nothing but skin.

Today, I'm flying free and loose. Skirt, thigh-highs and garters. The rain and wind makes it a bit nippy, but I love me a challenge.


  1. You rebel you! I think the ultimate no knicker outfit is a pencil skirt. No chance of blow up.

  2. "Honey pot feel the breeze" - "orgasm on a stick" - - wow! No wonder why the men won't stay out of your bathroom.

  3. Kat: pencil skirts are the bomb! Ass flatteners and no flare up!

    Cameron: The guys only go in my bathroom so they can take a dump in private. Has nothing to do with my honey pot which is reserved for two people only....myself and Big K! ;)

  4. Oh gawd...I just read yesterdays post and then this one right after and just about peed my pants laughing.

    I tend to rock the boy shorts...can't stand the sawing feel of thongs..and wear too many pairs of jeans.

    Honey pot indeed. Hehe.

  5. Ha, thanks for thinking of me. That word just gets under my skin, the way jeans would if I went commando. I still don't get how you can not wear any underwear but I think it's hilarious that you don't. I'm just not going to follow you down the slide at the park if you catch my drift.

  6. I never wear a skirt, so I always wear drillies.
    Aren't you afraid you'll flash the partners?

  7. Scottish guys are lucky, I wish I could wear a skirt.

  8. If we ever meet, I must request you wear pants. As a guy, I don't think I'd be able to concentrate on a conversation with you if you were wearing a skirt, knowing what I know now.

  9. No panties for me 99 percent of the time! Don't really care what I'm wearing. And yes, I agree that "panties" is a very annoying word...