Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Fattie Update & A Duel

I should probably give you an update on my attempt to whittle my waistline. My diet dominatrix, Casey expects updates

Update: It's not going well.

I was fully prepared to run yesterday morning. I laid out my clothes, set my alarm and went to bed a bit earlier than usual.

I woke up to a monsoon. Gail force winds, rainy, raw and nasty. There was no way in hell I was running in that shit. So, I canned the run and snuggled up to Big K for an extra hour.

I brought a healthy, boring lunch and was fully prepared on eating it until Fancy Pants decided to hit Box Lunch...the most awesome sandwich shop EVA! I got a pretty healthy roll up with turkey, sprouts, hots and avocado (omega-3's baby!) and scarfed it down in seconds flat. Of course, I was hungry again an hour later. Usually, I bring a few small things to eat...half a sandwich, a yogurt and fruit. I eat them over a span of a few hours. That is the best way to eat. Keeps your blood sugar from dropping.

Because the weather sucked big, hairy goat teats, I felt that it was a perfect night for spaghetti and meatballs....homemade of course. Garlic bread was the icing on the cake.

Today, I'm doing better. Healthy breakfast, lunch....until Fancy Pants showed up with 2 homemade cranberry, white chocolate chip cookies. They were the product of bet he lost to me and the cookies were my reward. I HAD to eat them. They are my FAV!

Tonight, TH and I are getting pizza. My waxer, the Brazilian Mistress of Pain, is making a private house call tonight and will be preforming her magic with me laying on the kitchen island. (it's the only surface that's easy for her to work on). If any of you have my home phone and would like to hear me scream bloody murder whilst having my lady parts tidied, please feel free to give me a ring. I need the distraction. Pizza is my reward for enduring the torture.

Daddyfiles and I have added a new level of pain to this weigh loss mania. We have a lovely bet going and you guys will benefit from the our humiliation. Here are the terms:

1. Start date: November 1, 2008

2. End Date: December 29, 2008

3. We each get our body fat percentage measured and post it. (oh the humiliation)

4. We diet

5. Whoever loses the most body fat percentage wins!

6. The loser has to jump in the water with the Cape Cod Polar Bear Club on January 1, dressed in floaties and an inner tube. Pictures of the loser freezing their ass off will be posted on each others blogs

If you don't know who the Polar Bear club is, they are a bunch of manics that jump in the ocean every January 1. They're a nice bunch of folks, they raise money for charity doing it, but I think they're completely insane.

Let the games begin!!!


  1. I am so not eating at your house. Not that you would ever invite. I'm just saying...

  2. Damn woman, you'd better make extra sure you win that bet. I'm cold just thinking about it. I didn't know I was a diet dominatrix but I gladly accept that title and will be adding it to my resume. And get your effing ass in gear, no more cheating. Good luck with the waxing, ack. I tried the Brazilian before we went on our honeymoon but it hurt like a bitch. I also don't think anyone should get to be that close to my girl parts without at least buying me dinner first.

  3. Lets hope that there won't be any floating remains from your waxing episode.

  4. Mmm..spaghetti and meatballs sounds yummy. And garlic bread. I'm hungry.

    Good luck with your bet!!

  5. haha... oh, man.

    my fun dip and gatorade diet is going well.
    adhd meds don't hurt, either. ha

  6. Oh, you know, I've not been doing too great on the diet thing either. This weekend is my kicking off point. I'm a week behind, but hey, who cares?

  7. HA! Kick his ass, girlie. I want to see him running into the ice cold water in floaties really badly. Sadly, men usually lose quicker, so be prepared or stop eating all together. I'm so glad I'm not in on that bet.

    The image of your wax on the kitchen island is more than my sick, weary brain can handle. Yikes!

  8. I ran 3.5 miles today and had a wrap for lunch.

    Get your floaties ready!

  9. Who can run 3.5 miles AT ONCE and think they need to lose weight? You two definitely ARE nuts!!!

  10. I think Fancy Pants needs to keep the treats hidden from you :) Or bring them to my house, that'd work for me.

    Seriously? You guys can run. You can run that far. And you're still "I need to lose weight"? Nutbars.

  11. Trust me, I still need to lose weight. I'm 5'10" and 225 lbs. That's not a lot of height combined with a sizable spare tire. And that 3.5 miles took more more than 35 minutes so "running" may be a loose term. I never stopped to actually walk but my feet weren't exactly burning up the pavement.

    While Cape Cod Gal wishes to bounce quarters off of her backside, I'm just hoping that if a quarter does get thrown at my ass it doesn't get lost in the fat rolls.

  12. Adding my support to the effort! This sidebet ought to be interesting! And spaghetti and meatballs sound great, but I think I would prefer take out..