Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Attention Here!

Now that more than a few guys in my office are reading the blog, this question is often uttered after each post:

While didn't you write about me?

My post about Surfer Dude caused quite a stir. I was asked by more than one person why weren't they my work spouse. And by the come I haven't mentioned them yet.

Well, gentlemen, the answer to that question is haven't done anything worth writing about yet.


I have decided to run a contest. I figured every ones doing it....Steeky Bee, BadAss....and a few others. I'm feeling a little left out.

In the spirit of Heather's week long Halloween movie love fest, I've had movies on the brain. And to make it even better, I got home from work last night and found my favorite movie was on cable.

I have decided to have everyone make a guess at the name of my favorite movie. All next week I will be giving one clue a day. Each one of these clues will have something to do with the movie; whether it be the title, the characters or the plot. It you have a guess, put it in the comments section.

I will give you one clue and only one clue today:

It has nothing to do with sex and it wasn't made this century.

Okay, that's two clues. The sex part was more of a comment than and actual clue. I'm gonna keep this clean, for once. I'm sure I'm shocking you all that my favorite film isn't porn. No, it's not Debbie Does Dallas. In fact, (GASP) I've never seen that one before.

Previous clues will be placed in the side margin if you happen to miss a day.

What will the prize you ask? Well, I am from Cape Cod after all. It will be something that screams "The CAPE". No...not lobsters, steamers or chowda. That gets kinda smelly. No one wants their mailbox to smell like low tide. Seriously, if you've never smelled really strong low tide, it is something that will make your eyes water. You will have to dose your mailbox liberally with gasoline and light it on fire, just to get rid of the smell.

I'm gonna go on a little shopping trip this weekend and see if I can't find something that will make it interesting. I promise, no porn shops or toy shops. Scouts honor.


  1. What do you mean by it wasn't made this century? Like it was made previous to 1900? Did they have movies before that?

  2. Heather: This current century. So it was before the start of 2000. (in the 1900s)

    Movies started in the late 1800's. The first actual movie was in 1877 and showed a horse galloping.
    I can't believe I have this knowledge. I'm such a geek!

  3. You are so right about low tide! It will peel paint, seriously. Of course it is also one of the smells that reminds me of home, so I don't mind it too much.

  4. That hint really isn't the most helpful. But, it's a start I guess.

    My wife's morning breath has smelled like low tide once. Not sure how, but it woke me up out of a dead sleep.

  5. Rocky Horror? Tell those ladies they're going to have to get much more interesting if they want to be blogged about!

  6. hmmmmm poppye the movie sex and who can resist olive oil ;)

  7. Kat: I like the smell of nice low tide when the sun is hot and the flat dry really fast. But, there is some nasty marshy low tide that makes have to breath through your mouth it's so bad!

    BadAss: I had to start somewhere! I'm sure that The Boss has to deal with some pretty stinky breath sometimes!

    Lola: Not even close. I think that you have trannys on the brain! LOL!

    BlueEyed: Love Popeye. Very funny! But, that's not it!

    Rachel: You betcha!

  8. So, now all the guys in your office are wondering why you won't watch porn with them.

    Also, I'm just going to shout out a movie every day and I hope I get it. Yentel!!

  9. Jenboglass: They are actually asking my advice on which ones to get!

    Ugh! No!!! Yentel!!! YUCK!