Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

My darling Heather tagged me and wanted to know 6 of my favorite things. It's taken me awhile, but here's a go at it (these are in no particular order):

1. Amazing Food. I am a total foodie. I am obsessed with delicious eats and all things delectable. This does not bode well for me given the new fitness challenge I am going to endure. (Casey, you evil, evil girl). Every good meal for me is a "When Harry Met Sally" experience. Seriously, if there was fetish porn that involved watching someone really enjoy food, I would be a #1 film star. Gluttony is my favorite sin.

2. When TH laughs: My husband can be a grouchy, old fart. Most of the time he is miserable about something. But, there are these precious moments when he's watching something on TV and he laughs this great big belly laugh. Makes me fall in love with him all over again. (God, that was so mushy. Where are my waders? Shit's gettin' deep around here)

3. Sunflowers: I love sunflowers. They are the happiest flower in the world.

4. Sex: DUH! You all should have seen that coming a mile away. Bet you wonder why I didn't stick that at #1. As I said, these are in no particular order.

5. The smell of permanent black magic markers: I have no explanation for this.

6. Secrets: I am a gossip whore. I must know EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYONE. I am a People magazine slut and I read it like it's sustaining my life blood. But, I love having a secret with one other person. It's that delicious feeling you get when you both look at each other and you just know.


  1. I'm a whore for good food! Oddly enough, I'm with you on the markers, and I have no idea why either.

  2. I am a gossip slut too! I would so be your life line on Millionaire if you needed, if you'll be mine.

  3. Lola: The markers are like a drug and I LOVE the sound they make

    Steenky bee: Yes girlfriend! You can call me anytime.

  4. Your poor daughter isn't going to like hearing about your sex addiction. I, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious! Sorry I'm making you stick to the diet. Food makes me tingly too, don't worry. Get off the computer and give me twenty. We don't talk about food while we're dieting!

  5. Casey: No kids for me! If I do have some, I'll be honest with them.
    Give you 20....I can't! I need one of my hands to hold the donut.

  6. I used to love the smell of ditto machine copies. When the teacher would pass them out, we'd all get high from smelling the fresh copies.

    BTW, this was supposed to be an award too, so feel free to copy that little picture that goes with it. =)

  7. Heather: I remember those! They would still be all warm and the smell of the fresh ink....mmmmm!!!

    BadAss: Krispy Kremes are my favs! Thank God we don't have them around here!

  8. Ok I'm an idiot, I read that first line as "my daughter Heather", not darling. Duh. I thought your daughter tagged you with the meme and you talked about doing it! All this blog hopping has got my eyes seeing things that aren't there.

  9. I wish I was young enough to be your daughter! LOL I'll be 35 next month.