Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is a Virtual World and I Am A Virtual Girl.

I have a confession to make. They say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

I am addicted to blogging.

I can't stop. I have tried to but alas, I am fulling entrenched in a virtual world that I cannot pry myself out of.

I didn't know that my addiction had fully spread to every part of my brain until I started talking about the blogs that I read like they are real people in my life. My sentences started with "Well, Daddyfiles says...." "Lola was talking about..." "I heard the funniest thing from BadAss....". I didn't know I was doing it until I was in my office, having a conversation with Fancy Pants.

I finished my sentence and he looked me and said, "You know that you don't know these people, right? They're not real"

OH.MY.GOD!! I am turning into one of those people! Soon, I'll be creating Avatars that look like me (oops, done that already), diving into virtual worlds and going for walks thru the Louvre with a guy whose Avatar has the head of a llama and the body of dolphin, says he's from Texas and collects fungus and molds.

But, in a sad sappy way, this is an excellent way to be friends with people that you might never meet in your day to day life. It is comforting to log on in the morning, check my dashboard and see that there are 5 new posts for me to read and comment on. It's like having a conversation with a friend over your morning coffee. I'm happy when I check at lunch and see comments on my posting. It's like, holy shit! People are reading this junk and getting something out of it! And they are doing it everyday!

Then you start to read their blogs and make comments. You become interested in their lives and (gulp) actually care about what's happening to them. It might sound silly to some, but I was really worried about BadAss from his post on Monday and was more worried about him when I saw nothing pop up on Tuesday. I have never even met this guy! Yet strangely, from reading his posts from the last couple of months, I have become a bit attached to him.

I look to Lola to make me laugh everyday with the crazy stuff she comes up with. (No pressure now, girl) I feel a kinship with her and the fact that she has actually visited my favorite sex toy shop. She also stated that blogging will make your ass fat. This is true, girlfriend. I'm looking into that laptop/treadmill soon.

I've met Daddyfiles and I'm now hanging out with his wife. He could not be any nicer and his wife is a hot shit! I'm looking forward to getting into lots of trouble with her.

I have been checking out new blogs, like Heather, Jenboglass, theoldguy and Rachel. I know I have new people commenting on my posts and I'm doing the best I can to read up and comment on theirs. But, there are only so many hours in the day and I spend 10 of them working my little hiney off, slaving away for my guys. I am one of those straight-laced people you read about that feel guilty if I'm doing something at work that not work related. I only jump on the blog-train when I'm taking a sanity break or grabbing a few minutes to inhale my lunch. I absorb as much as I can and wait until I can get home and cozy up to my shiny, new laptop. (love you TH) It is then that I can write my next post (It's 12:02 AM right now), make sure I haven't overlooked anything from the day and try to catch up on some newer blogs.

It's nice to have an objective (and captive) audience and just let it all hang out! Thanks for reading and writing you guys. You're making my world so much bigger.

And you are feeding my addiction!!!! that some cellulite back there?

I better get some snaps for all these links I put in. Practically gave myself a stroke doing it. I glad I finally figured out how to do it and I better get some credit, DAMN IT!!


  1. I appreciate your concern. I didn't mean to worry you by not posting yesterday, I just wasn't feeling up to it.

    I feel attached to you, and the others I read as well. We certainly have formed a kinship, haven't we?

  2. I always talk about you and Badass and Moon and Heather and the rest of my blog buddies to my husband and people who read my blog. I think of you as real people. I know Badass is real, cuz I spent a ton of time on the phone with him. You could be some 70-year old guy for all I know, but I don't care. You crack me up!

    You guys are my friends, even if we've never met, and I can't believe how you end up thinking about people during the day, wondering what they're up to when you've never met face to face. It is a bit bizzaro.

    Thanks for the linkypoos. I know what a pain in the ass they are. I'm glad I make you laugh. I probably won't with today's gigantic tome of death, but tomorrow I'll be back to my silly old self.

  3. Badass: no worries about the posting. It's just when someone posts every day and then stop without explaination, you wonder. Just like you wonder why a coworker isn't a work. Glad you are better today.

    Lola: Girl, sometime you've just gotta let that stuff out. We're here for you!

    Big K thinks I'm a looney when I talk about you all at home.

  4. LOL- this is awesome! dude, i do this to EVERYONE around me. they soon learn to know who is who in the blogworld! hahaha

  5. :)

    Yeah, I'm kind of addicted, too...
    To my blog AND Facebook. Ugh.

    Let's make a blog for people who are also addicted to blogging.

  6. Morning Sunshine.
    Just so you know..they are real people, but you are still insane and need of company.
    However, I will continue to read everyday so i may update your therapist when they commit you.

  7. Blogging is definitely addicting; over caffeine, alcohol and shopping. Beware, this is only the beginning.

  8. I do it too, my husband thinks I'm nuts, when I say oh I read this on a blog....
    I've been enjoying your blog too, and I like to think you guys are friends even if we haven't met. When I was a kid, I had at least 20 penpals, and this is kind of what that feels like.
    I sort of think we are like a "community" and would help each other, support each other, whatever one of us needs, the others can give. Mostly, we just read about each others lives and that in itself is therapeutic, knowing there are people who come back and read what's going on and give advice or just funny comments.

  9. Jennster: Those links are a pain! But I do want people to see who I care about.

    Rachel: I'm staying away from facebook. I have a friend that may need an intervention soon.

    Chester6464: Josh! It's about time you opened your big fat mouth! Everyone, meet Josh! My closet keeper (aka Chester) and you are my therapy, my love!

    Whiny Momma: Great! You mean it gets worse. Somebody please get my straight jacket!

    Heather: Yes, I too had dozens of pen pals. This is just what it's like. I love it! And I love your blog. Even though it's making me fat and od'ing on pumpkin.