Saturday, March 21, 2009

9 Corndogs and Counting - Bristol Trip Day 2

We survived the night in the Un-Super 8, (aka the hotel that is so gross I wear my flip flops every where). Surprisingly, the bed is unbelievably comfortable. I would be afraid to run a CSI black light over it but we slept soundly for 8 hours. I'm pretty sure we've haven't contracted any diseases. TH says that's what we have antibodies for. Ewwww!!! If you were wondering why we haven't checked into a non-slimy hotel, I'll tell ya why. There isn't anything available for miles. During race weekend, the hotels book up like crazy. We couldn't find anything if we wanted to. So, we might be wearing HazMat suits tonight.

My day started in the best possible way:

Bag of Krispy Kreme Donuts

We don't have these objects of desire up North. I ate 5 of them: 3 glazed, 2 cream cheese filled. You can almost hear me getting fatter.
I love this building. It makes me want a hot dog and fries ever time we see it. I was on my second donut when we passed by. I still wanted a hot dog.

Practice at the track. Yeah, baby!!!

Well, looky here...corn dogs. The five donuts were a distant memory. (It had only been 1 1/2 hours)

TH spotted this excellent looking hair do. I really have no words for this.

More corn dogs. Now, I have eaten a total of nine in two days.
Race Geek! Here I am. I'm wearing my scanner headset (so I can hear the driver's radio), I'm freezing my fucking ass off and of course, eating a corn dog.
The kick ass view from our seats. Second from the top, baby!!! The Nationwide race has just started.

Every sport has one of these guys. He was running around getting random people to put beer in his huge funnel. It was around 5 pm by this time. 3/4 of the race fans are hammered at this hour and a few are passed out on the stands.
Classic fan. Just check out that gut! I don't think drinking Bud Light is gonna help you out there buddy. Where's Jenny Craig!!

During one of the feature races, I spent a great deal of time checking out this hot cop and the enormous bulge in the front of his pants! Just look at it!!!!! Even I don't get that excited at the races.

Night time view of the track from the road as we were leaving.

So, the big race day is tomorrow. I will try to calm myself with the donuts and corn dogs. Have you noticed that I'm obsessed with a food that looks like a huge penis and a glazed dessert that has a hole in it? I'm naughty even when I'm eating!


  1. I say eat all the corn dogs and donuts you want and then go crazy on the work outs at home! Enjoy yourself!

  2. your posts keep making me hungry!
    you should check out this recipe

    as far as i can see it's mousse covered in krispy kreme's covered in ganache icing.
    have fun!

  3. Ok, corndog I get....looks like a penis, but a donut? Hmmmm...what could that represent?

    Hey, my man Harvick finally won a Nationwide race in his own car. I would say you're a good luck charm, but he had a pretty shitty run today in the Sprint race. ;)

  4. Sarah: I have put the feedbag on and haven't stopped yet. I'm gonna have to detox when I get home.

    The Gnu: OMG!! That's awesome!!!

    Cameron: If you can't figure out what a donut is, I am really disappointed. Harvick sucks!!! I didn't wish him any luck. I wanted anyone but him and Bush. Can you believe that temper tantrum he pulled!!!

  5. That MULLET had got to go in the hall of fame. It was so wrong and yet so so so right.

  6. I've never eaten a corn dog, and those photos don't make me want to ;)

    Yeah, that mullet rawks!

  7. Wow on the mullet. Just wow. So I started a new diet today which consists of basically only eating things that taste like cardboard. I had mostly made it through day one when I stopped by here and saw your donuts and corndogs. Not cool man.

  8. I think that the only way to make sitting in a crowded stadium for hours on end enjoyable is to have at least some alcohol in your system.