Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unbuttoning the Top Button - Bristol Trip Day 3

**If any of you have sent me an email in the past few days and I haven't responded, please resend it. My email shit the bed with 25 new emails in the hopper that I lost. So that's the reason I've been ignoring you!**

The second night in the Hotel of Horror passed by without any creepy crawly things or diseases. I plan to burn all of my clothes when I get home. TH has turned up the A/C to a balmy 58 degrees. I'm freezing, but I think it might be keeping the germs at bay. We are in a nonsmoking room but not a nonsmoking floor. The couple in the room next to us likes to light up a carton or two at 3:00 am every morning. Our room smells like an ashtray. I just figured out that our window opens, but there's no screen. I have it cracked open about a foot. I need fresh air so badly that I'm taking my chances on a huge bat or bird flying in our room. I also have an excellent view of the "Crowbar" and its a happenin' place tonight.

Today was the official day for the Sprint Cup Series race. I started it out in style.
5 more Krispy Kremes. I made TH stop at 3 gas stations before I found some. They were a hot item for Race Day and most places were sold out. Because I didn't think I had enough cholesterol and fat, I added a McGriddle breakfast sandwich from McDonalds. I felt disgusting after I ate that. I don't know why I do that to myself. I know McDonalds makes me feel sick. I just love the idea of it.
The ride from the hotel to the track is always an interesting one. There is beautiful farmland and lots of broken down houses and barns. Every now and then you'll see something like this:

See that gigantic mansion in the background. It looks like it belongs in California or something. This particular one is right near the racetrack. Look at all the campers and tents over to the side. These people are renting out their land for race fans to camp on!!

The race didn't start until 1:30 pm so we walked around for awhile. The atmosphere is carnival like and there are booths and trailers all over the place with tons of "fan experiences". We made our way over to the Speed Channel stage where they were live on the air with the pre-race reports and commentary. I made another new friend in the crowd:
He was a pimp. I loved his shoes. Apparently, you can buy manheels on Ebay.
But, on to more important things. Corn dogs. This makes 13 total in 3 days.
I had to unbutton the top button of my jeans after these.
The race began with crazy parachuting guys landing on the racetrack.
The Star Spangled Banner sung by some country star I've never hear of and a gigantic flag.
And we were finally off. 500 miles of chaos!!!!
A pit stop or two!

And the winner was Kyle Busch (aka the biggest asshole in NASCAR)

After spending two and a half hours in traffic (and that's not that long) and a nasty dinner at the Olive Garden (all the good restaurants in the area are closed on Sunday or have gone out of business) we are back at the Hot Zone (aka our hotel room).

Our flights leaves at 2:30 pm tomorrow. We can't wait to get home.


  1. Bummer about Kyle Busch...the guy is a douche (almost as big as that sissy Kasey Kahne)

  2. I'm sorry your race weekend adventure had to end with Kyle Busch. That would put a bummer on the adventure. At Richmond last year, Jr. spun Busch around twice and I've never heard a crowd so loud! It was the highlight of the race! Oh and I saw this T-shirt they were selling on the side of the road that said "I hate Busch so much, I shave mine!" I wanted one of those!

  3. I have no idea who Kyle Busch is, but if his last name was spelled B-u-s-h, I'd say he's a douche by association!

    Oh, and, Darlin', you've really got to stop eating like that!!!!! You are going to hate yourself when you get home.

  4. I'm buying Jamie some manheels for his birthday next month. Please stop showing me pictures of food, I'm pretty close to scarfing every edible thing we own at this point.

  5. I watched some of the race on TV in the early afternoon. I kept hoping they'd do a crowd shot, and maybe I'd see you.