Friday, March 20, 2009

Pole Day - Bristol Trip Day 1

Pole had nothing to do with stripping, even though I did see a strip bar down the street from our hotel. Pole Day is the day that each of the teams qualify for race day. This is the day for die hard fans.

Of course, our day didn't start at the pole. It started at fucking 4 AM. Did you know that is fucking early!!! We had an 8 AM flight out of Boston. We live an hour and a half outside of Boston, you have to be there 1/2 before your flight, you do the math. Anyway, it's fucking early. I don't do mornings. I was a mess until I had a coffee.

On our first flight (we layed over in Charolotte, NC), I was smooshed between TH (whose shoulders are around 4 feet wide) and this little stock broker guy. The stock broker guy sat there and snapped his gum for 2 whole hours. I was ready to kill him. He was reading these reports that looked like they had some juicy info on them and had "confidential" stamped all over them. I kept trying to get a peek, but glancing to the side was making me queasy.

Upon our arrive in the Charlotte Airport, I made a beeline for the Cinnabon stand. This is my annual breakfast in Charlotte.
I inhaled this in less than five minutes. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
While we were waiting for our flight to Tennessee we discovered this fellow.

I was worried that he was dead, but he rolled over soon after I took this picture. You couldn't pay me to lay on an airport floor.

Before I made a quick trip to the ladies room, I asked TH to tend my bag. I'm carting around my laptop and didn't want anyone to take off with it. He looked at me and said, "I'll let you tend My bag". Even in an airport, after 2 hours of sleep, my husband still thinks with his crotch.

We finally arrived and were off to the track.
Yeah, Baby!!!!
Of course, I was hungry again.

Foot long corndog!!! I ate two.

I also made some friends
Yes, lovers. There I am. I am out of the closet. Of course, I am sticking my tongue out and making rock horns. Not the most flattering and you don't really get an idea of what I look like. Thus, the perfect photo. These guys were from Ohio. We became fast friends after they woke me up from a very nice cat nap I was taking in between events. After that, there was plenty of fist bumping and Yee Hawing. They were even showing me pictures of their kids towards the end. Strangers just love me. We're gonna try and find them tomorrow. They were fun even though they were Tony Stewert fans. Where else in the world can you go and see a shopping cart with a drag car motor. They will actually run this around the track....slowly.And here is our ride back to our car in the parking lot. Nothing like a bus with a giant jug of milk on it.

Due to our last minute decision to go on this trip, we were stuck lodging at a Super 8. Yuck! It's fair from super. It's actually gross. I'm also a hotel snob. I prefer the Hilton Gardens and Holiday Inns. There is one across the highway at us. I stare longingly at it thru the window. That's if I can stop staring at this.

Our hotel is next to a biker bar called the Crowbar. It just doesn't get better than that.

More to come tomorrow. I need to get to bed and sleep off my corndog hang over.


  1. Awesome, and it's about damn time on the picture. You look pretty much like a imagined, especially your tongue (what?) Have fun at the track, I am totally jealous. I was watching Trackside on Speed tonight, and I was expecting a sign that said 'Cameron' on it, figured you would be holding it up... Alas, nothing. Maybe you got stuck in traffic?

  2. Rock on!

    Hope to see more of things later on.

    I mean... the races. Hope to see more pictures of the races.


  3. How's Casey Kahne doing? I worked with people that went to school with him and I was friends with his dad eons ago.

  4. Well, from what I can SEE of you, you look pretty hawt! Baby steps. In no time, you'll have your face plastered all over the blogosphere ;)

    Glad you're having fun!

  5. God, I'm jealous!!! What an awesome trip...nothing wrong with the rockstar picture. I swear I have more pictures of me with rock horns and my tongue sticking out. What can I say? Rock-n-roll, bitches!!!

  6. I love your picture! Looks like you are having a blast. Enjoy your vacation, and sunshine, and... that race thingy :)

  7. You fucking dork. Love it. Have a great time.

  8. Cameron: We were too tired to go to Trackside. We'd been up since 4 AM. I'm glad you like my tongue.

    BadAss: Yeah, Baby!!!

    Michele: Kasey's my fav! He qualified 5th! YEE HAW!!!!

    Lola: Seriously, most of my pics are like that. I'm never serious.

    Aubs: Rock horns are always there! Most of the time my tongue is too.

    PhoenixAwakened: We're having a blast! I needed a vacation!

    Daddyfile: curl....Enough said.

  9. I went to sleep on an airport floor once...I was 14. I would NEVER do it now that I am older and realize how gross it is!

    Sounds like you are having a blast!

  10. I am late to the party as usual.

  11. You don't have Krispie Kreme's??? I hear people are now using them as buns for burgers. Seems gross to me.

    A NASCAR race ... there's nothing like it. Love haircut guy! I've seen people shave the numbers into their hair and one guy glued little racecars all over his head. Amazing stuff.

  12. Hey, it's YOU! I'm with Cameron, it's about damn time you posted a picture, I post every embarrassing shot there is over at my place. Nice to finally meet you and your tongue. And that corn dog? Mmmmmm.

  13. OMG I am still in such shock I have nothing to say. Until I make more comments on the other posts. No wonder I stalk you, you're hot.