Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Vibe, You Vibe, We Vibe - A Review

Yes, lovers. Here it is. The big review.

As I stated in Monday's post, TH and I went to my most favorite store on Sunday, Toys of Eros. The most fabulous of naughty shops in the whole wide perverse world. Contrary to popular belief, not all erotic shops are tacky. Yes, many of them are entwined with joke or comic shops. But, the true shops are classy and elegant. The sales people are knowledgeable and have no trouble debating with you on the pros and cons of this toy versus that toy.

I purchased a replacement wet and wild vibrator. My last one broke and the model was discontinued. Damn! Hustler may have tacky magazines but they make a fabulously fine waterproof "mini massager". I had that thing for a year before it lost its vibe. It made every shower a splendid experience. I hate its replacement. I can't remember which manufacture it is (if you're curious, email me and I'll get it for you) but it has no zip! Seven speeds and not one of them works for me. Two hours, 3 pornos and one erotic novel later and still no big finish. (That's not 2 hours at once, darlings. I don't have that kinda time) My former one did the job in less than a minute. No muss, no fuss. Just tingly satisfaction for those of us gals on a tight time budget. I knew that $27.00 was too good to be true. I went cheap and I'm never cheap. I am disappointed and wish I could take it back for a refund. Ya, know...come to think of it.... they probably would do that. I'm a pretty good customer.
But the clear winner is the We Vibe. I would have posted a picture, but I don't want to have to put up that "Adult Content" disclaimer on my blog. So, the link is embedded in the name. The We Vibe is one of the hottest new toys on the market. Direct from Canada (you Habs got the best goods), this little nugget of vibrations will rock your world. Designed to give your love button and g-spot simultaneous vibrations while you're doing your man. This thing is a gift from the Sex Gods. Not only does it vibrate you, it vibrates your man too. With two speeds of fun and a smooth, seamless silicon construction it one of the best made toys I've seen. No changeable batteries needed, it has a cell phone like plug charger that keeps it charged up and ready to go. An added comes in my favorite color, purple.

I did try to use it solo. (READ: without man). It was just okay. The combined stimulation is better. It was definitely designed for mutual benefit.

The price tag is a bit hefty at $130.00 plus tax. But, as the guy at the toy store says, "You spend that much money on a fancy dinner out." My thoughts exactly. Give me some take-out with a side of orgasm. I'm all set!


  1. Okay, I'll have to check out the link when I get home. The state of Arizona has some strange ideas about looking at adult content on work time. The bastards.

  2. Oy vey that looks complicated, but fun none the less.

  3. I had to click on the "how to use" link since it was confusing to me. It looks like a mini thigh master. Thanks for the review... looks pretty damn cool.

    BTW, why not splurge on a good shower head and skip the toy?

  4. Michele: Strict bastards. That is the only good thing about working for all guys. I can always slide on to their computer to do a little surfing.

    Kat: You know, I thought so too when I first saw it. But, it really is quite easy and fun!

    Casey: I had no idea how to use it when I first saw it. The guy at the shop had to explain. Shower heads are good, but toys are soooooooo much better!

  5. Interesting. I found the how-to-use diagrams very... amusing.

  6. Ahh, now I can finally comment. Your comment section was being very mean to me yesterday and wouldn't let me say what I had to say.

    Anyway, that looks like a very cool toy, and I might just have to buy one...

  7. BTW, the last comment was from

  8. That thing scares me about as much as:
    1. A Brazilian
    2. A non-medicated child birth!
    (Pardon my attempt at humor!)

  9. @Casey: there's video demonstration that shows how the we vibe works.

    From personal experience, it works pretty darn good!